10 Questions: Napa auto sales manager has the keys to success | Napa Valley Register: 10 Questions Business Feature


They seem to have more discretionary income. We get a lot more cash buyers here, more than I’ve seen in years.

5. What’s your favorite kind of car at your dealership?

I like that we still sell muscle cars (like the Challenger and Charger). Inventory is low (right now) but I’ve got a bunch of stuff on order.

6. What’s one of your best sellers?

The Challenger or Charger SCAT pack (the brand’s beefed-up muscle car). They look good. They sound good.

7. If you could change one thing about the auto industry, what would it be?

The business has been the same for so long but one thing would be the stereotype car salespeople have. For the most part, we are all nice people doing a public service.

8. What is the biggest challenge the auto industry has faced?

The big housing market bust that needed government help to keep the car business. And getting the customers feeling okay about buying again.

I drive a Dodge Durango, and we have an Acura, BMW and Camry.

10. What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your lifetime that you haven’t yet?

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