A ton of great 4K UHD movies are only $5 today



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Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

We’ve done a lot of watching movies from home this past year, and while streaming services offer a lot of stuff it’s easy to find the gaps after a while. Buying movies individually from streaming services can get expensive fast, especially if you’re adding in the $30 early access offers from Disney+. For those who are looking to fill out their film catalogs right now, there’s a great $5 sale on a bunch of movies that have recently been upscaled to 4K UHD. Here are some of the better offers we’ve found today. 

You can find a larger collection of Amazon’s movies under $5 here, and there are a few more scattered across iTunes right now. Lots of these movies can be added to the Movies Anywhere app, meaning you can watch them on whatever streaming service you like as long as you purchased it from one of the partner services. Either way, you’re in for a great night with some quality films. 

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