Adams Park in Tecumseh may get stage for music, movies


TECUMSEH — Adams Park next to Tecumseh City Hall may soon be home to a new stage and amphitheater thanks to the generosity of the Elizabeth Ruthruff Wilson Foundation. 

The foundation has already donated $29,000 toward the project and is expected to cover the whole cost, which so far, is estimated at approximately $148,000. 

A timberframe stage would replace the nonfunctioning fountain at Tecumseh's Adams Park under a proposal that would update the layout of the park. The stage would be used for Music in the Park and Movies in the Park.

“We’ve always supported Music in the Park for years down there, and it always kind of bugged me that there wasn’t a stage. And there’s a defunct fountain that was built years ago and that got covered up and that was kind of what they were using, and it just kind of irked me always that it looked so bad, and something needed to be done,” Theresa Powers, executive director of the foundation, said. 

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