Famous Pakistani host, comedian, writer and actor Ahmed Ali Butt has appeared on Mohib Mirza’s show ‘The Knock Knock’ with his wife Fatima Khan and shared his perspective on Tiktokers transition into showbiz.

During the span of the interview, the host asked Ahmed that nowadays new talent is emerging from Tiktok and social media, what do you think how long will it lasts and how much beneficial it is for our entertainment industry?

In response to this query, the comedian said that:

“Whatever we say, TikTok is a reality. If I and you don’t like it we can’t do anything because it is a reality and have a lot of viewership that why it is still here.

But if tiktokers want to do transition into showbiz then they need to learn things. One can gain followers from 15 seconds or 1-minute video but cannot be able to do television drama.

They don’t even try to enter in this side because there is no temperament in them to reached the set at 9am for the 3pm shot.

Either he/she can be a tiktoker or an actor.”

He further said that there is always be a trend. “Today’s trend is Tik Tok after few times it will change but actors and serious workers will stay because they do their work with responsibility.

If one is considering their work as part time, you will be considered the same.

Everything goes viral, but now its on you whether you want to get viral my making weird slow-motion videos or through some decent content.”

Ahmed also added that nowadays biggest currency in the content, now it depends on us to create controversy or something useful.

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