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He was conned by a toothbrush. It’s been stuck in his mouth for 12 years now. He will not leave the bathroom any more. (Image credit: Simon Grieg / Shutterstock)

Before we get to the next deal, I’ve got a PSA:


I’m not saying they’re going to play that ‘follow the queen’ card game that always ends up in you losing, but they can be right slippery customers.

I’ve just checked the deals news pipeline, and I wish I hadn’t. There’s a lot coming, so let’s start ticking them off so you don’t miss anything. (Although, of course, I know you’re all religiously checking out the TechRadar deals page, right?).

Next up is are two rather fruity little deals for those that want a blazingly-fast PC – you might not think this is for you, but trust me – a super-quick solid state drive (SSD) is a thing of beauty in your computer.

First up: the ADATA XPG GAMMIX 1TB SSD has dropped even lower in price. The Amazon listing says £176.28, but you can use a free voucher that knocks 35% off the price. Simply click the orange voucher to apply it, which can be found next to the price, and you’ll see a new lowest ever price of £114.58 at checkout. 

Then, hot on those slim and rectangular heels, you’ve got the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB PCIe NVMe (yes, I know, terrible names here) down to just £170.49. That’s a huge saving, trust us.

If you want more, we’ve rounded up tonnes of SSD deals from Amazon in one place, because we are just that good.

It looks like the Amazon sale is really kicking things off in the Black Friday world – we’re seeing a huge UK spike of traffic for Black Friday stuff, so you fine folks clearly are all in the mood for a deal.

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Right, I know I’ve already given you a hot slice of phone deal pie, but get ready for another one.

The OnePlus 8 Pro 5G is a phone that’s been bobbling about for ages in terms of price, coming down to just under £500 a few months ago then rocketing up to £900 not so long ago.

So seeing it down to £399? That’s an incredible deal – as our Senior Phones Editor, James Peckham says: “This is One of 2020’s top five phones, and to see it down to half price under a year later is something we didn’t expect.”

There you go.

OnePlus 8 Pro

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Ready to take to the skies? Now you can with a huge 20% of DJI’s seriously impressive FPV drone.

FPV stands for ‘first person view’ and it comes with a VR-like headset which displays the live view from the camera on the drone. This is a drone flying experience like no other – and it’s now £250 cheaper.

The DJI FPV drone on a blue background

(Image credit: DJI)

Alrighty-roo, I’ve been scanning through the deals that went live overnight – and I think this one is the place to start. It’s for the Xiaomi Poco F3 5G 128GB (smooth name, right?) which is down to just £249 from £349.

Once again, and I’ll keep saying it: phones are all pretty good nowadays. You might be sacrificing camera quality here but you’re also spending very, very little. There’s a reason this is 4.5 star phone..: 

Xiaomi Poco F3

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Good morning. I’ve had a little sleep and done a drop off to a swimming lesson. But now I’m back. What’s happening in the wild world of Amazon deals?

Oh, mate, I am getting properly tired now. I’ve got all overexcited with this live blog, but here’s the good news: we’re going to be running it for a little while longer, so bookmark it and check back to see what we’ve spotted in Amazon’s Black Friday Week sale.

Spinny things out of a drill

(Image credit: Amazon)

Oh man, I’ve never even heard of these before. Never even conceived of them. But now I want them with my very being.

Get a drill (got one for my birthday, always looking for things to drill), attach one of these, stick it in the earth and one squeeze later you’ve got an anchor to hold down all manner of things.

A shed? A trampoline? A marquee (probably?) These can do all that – I’ve only just remembered there’s a deal on, showing how little I care about the price. 

Just imagine getting these out at a BBQ with other parents. Guarantee two people will ask where I got them.

Let’s have a look at the deals under £15, shall we? Makes me feel like I’m rooting around a car boot sale – except instead of finding old Beano annuals, I’m wondering if I need a microSD card for £7.39 (update: I don’t. But it’s cheap).

We’ve got Under Armour kit – but that’s not really under £15 unless you want socks or a travel kit. Then there’s the Amazon smart plug for a penny under £15, which is great if you want to Alexa-ify your house.

I’ll be honest, this ‘deals under £15 is a bit much. It’s mostly ‘really expensive things with a cheap thing thrown into the category so it can be shoved into the £15 section’.

I don’t want to be spending loads of money – stop making me click so much, Amazon.

As mentioned, baby stuff is relevant to my interests. So Amazon’s whopping sale on all manner of baby materials is suddenly something that I’m looking at with gusto.

A lot, lot of stair guards in here, but I’m tempted by that cradling baby bouncer that’s got 27% off… if only it wasn’t so girly and pink and unicorn-y. Would it be too much to ask for this to be a bit more, I don’t know, not stereotyped?

Oh, this Swing’n’Go looks alright – a bit more pricey and I will definitely trip over it, but it’s far more what I’m after.

Swing'n'go on white background

(Image credit: Amazon)

Sorry – just to confirm – that last deal was for the Fire TV Stick Lite, so no fancy 4K streaming for you. But then again, it’s the cost of two pints in London, so…

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite on orange background

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Right, you lot ready for another deal? It’s Amazon’s own devices again – and this time we’ve spotted that the Fire TV Stick is down to just £15 – a remarkable saving, and once again highlighting: never buy any Amazon devices outside of Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

They’re always heavily discounted this time of year, and you can kit out your house for almost 50% less. My Mum has a Fire TV stick. Loves it. 

Keeps losing the remote though – it’s too thin.

A lot of people ask whether Black Friday will be as big this year – it’s an interesting question in the UK. While it was certainly down in 2020 over 2019, and some big retailers like Next are pulling out this year, we’re still seeing some good deals on tech emerging already.

The key question is whether this is a trend that will ramp up until next week, when Black Friday officially launches on November 26 (the Brits don’t have Thanksgiving to tell them when the sales are going to be) or whether supply chain issues mean the big discounts are coming now.

Look, I know you can get the Echo Dot (3rd gen) for £18.99. Big Whoop.

You can now get the Echo Dot (4TH GEN!) for £28.99. A tenner extra for better sound, a nicer look and the nice rounded shape (which is excellent for booting across the room should it ever stop working) is a good investment in my eyes. 

My rule: 3rd gen for places you don’t really go but might want to turn on lights, 4th gen for everywhere else.

Image of Amazon deals

(Image credit: Amazon)

Right, let’s start by dissecting all the top deals on the landing page: I’m liking the look of the AirPods Pro, down to £199. Fair warning – they’re at that price at a lot of UK retailers right now (John Lewis has them too, with that lovely long guarantee) but that’s a top price.

You can also buy refurbished ones for £25 less, but you don’t get the MagSafe charging with that – just the boring ol’ wireless charging case (pssst… it’s basically the same).

Right, it’s game time. Amazon’s Black Friday Week sales have offically started. Let’s go!

I just inexplicably got invited to Miss America 2021 – 100 years of the pageant, apparently. Not sure why I got the invite, it’s hardly the new Samsung Galaxy S22 launch…

.. or is it? Do I need to prove to Samsung that I check my emails?

Hmmm… no, it’s just the pageant.

miss america logo

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As I said, I’m here until the wee(ish) small hours giving you a whole host of Black Friday updates – it’s interesting how it’s all turned around. 10 years ago we used to be stretching out, thinking about winding down for Christmas and wondering if the iPhone 4 was coming next year.

Today, I spent time poring over data to see what was happening in the world of Black Friday deals in different countries in the world before getting back online late in the evening to see what Amazon is going to dump into its deals tonight.

I also had a baby, but that’s not really relevant. I just quite like her and enjoy telling the world about it.

OK, let’s start you off with a tasty little deal that seems to have snuck out before the clock strikes midnight: the Amazon Echo Show 5 is the cheapest it’s ever been, and our review says it’s “a great device for those looking for a first smart display”.

What’s your first smart display? Well, it’s kind of like a smartphone you can’t take with you because of the pesky plug, will show you someone at the door if you’ve got a video doorbell, and will randomly start talking if someone says ‘I’ll text her’ in a way that sounds too much like Alexa.

Sound like something you want? Well, be glad you didn’t buy it last week like an absolute mug.

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Oh, hello there. It’s late on Thursday evening and yet we’re readying ourselves for a glut of Amazon Black Friday deals.

Why is that? Well, the retailer clearly doesn’t like to let journalists sleep – it’s nearly time for the Black Friday Week sale to begin, with rumors of all kinds of deals appearing to give you, noble shopper, the chance to get those pesky Christmas gifts bought, wrapped up and then accidentally left in the wardrobe when you head down to your parents’ house on December 24.

How are you going to find out about the latest deals? Well, you could just head on over to the Amazon Black Friday Week sale and find all the stuff there – we won’t hold it against you.

But if you do decide to stick around, we’re going to be bringing you a glut of buying advice, the top deals we’re seeing and a flavour of what it’s like behind the scenes trying to sift through the mega amount of Black Friday deals to see what’s really worth telling you about.

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