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Avant-garde future of fashion: A night-staging multifaceted talent

Avant-garde future of fashion: A night-staging multifaceted talent

Review: Collège Lasalle presents its tenth edition of Soirée Mode Collège Lasalle

College Lasalle Soirée Mode Photo Menal Rehab

Collège Lasalle’s second-year fashion marketing students hosted the tenth edition of their annual fall fashion extravaganza, Soirée Mode. Sponsored by brands like Bopied Tendances, Elle Québec, Simons, and Pangea, and in collaboration with SSENSE, the event unfolded on Nov. 11.

Exuding an intimate ambiance, the runway bathed in foggy hues of pink and violet that draped the venue in an ethereal glow. The setting was an open space, arranged with three rows on each side, creating an immersive and engaging environment. The ambiance was heightened by a dramatic and apocalyptic undertone. A rich soundtrack and intricate audiovisual elements turned the event into a captivating journey that transcended the boundaries of a typical fashion marketing.

The pulsating bass of techno music reverberated through the air, setting the rhythm for the evening. Flashing lights danced in synchrony with the beats, casting dynamic shadows that added to the dramatic allure of the event. The atmosphere was alive with the rhythmic pulsations, mimicking the sound of palpable heartbeats. 

For this edition, second-year marketing students delved deeply into the current state of the fashion industry and the impacts of our consumption behavior. Students analyzed issues such as the manufacturing process, sustainability and climate change. The aim was to raise awareness, provoke reflection on the problems faced by the fashion industry and propose ethical solutions.

College Lasalle Soirée Mode Photo Menal Rehab

Comprising three acts, the event unfolded like a theatrical spectacle, with a rich and intricate soundtrack enveloping the space. The audiovisual experience was carefully curated, seamlessly blending music and images to create a sensory feast for the audience. Every step taken by the models resonated with the dramatic and apocalyptic undertones as if each movement told a story of its own.

The inaugural act, titled Reality Check, served as a poignant exploration of consumerism in the fashion industry. Influenced by a resounding call to action advocating sustainable development, young designers sought creative solutions to redefine the narrative of clothing creation. This act aimed to unveil the concealed truths surrounding the daily challenges faced by artisan seamstresses, emphasizing that a garment is not merely fabric and patterns but a testament to craftsmanship. In a stark contrast between manufacturers and consumers, this act shed light on the harsh realities of those who bring our clothes to life. It stood as a respectful acknowledgment of their conditions and a call for transformative change within the industry.

The second act, titled Impulse Control, delved into the question of shaping the future. Contradicting the impulsive consumption prevalent in the present, students envisioned a future characterized by deliberate, meaningful and slow choices. Serving as a gentle reminder that a thoughtful and sustainable future requires restraint, the act portrayed a narrative where the journey towards conscious living was embodied in deliberate choices. The fast fashion industry was spotlighted, with models disassembled and reassembled, demonstrating the transformative power of controlled impulses. The slow, deliberate process of dressing models ethically underscored the message of mindful choices in the face of rampant consumption.

The final act, titled Mars, offered a reflective continuation of the student collective’s imaginative narrative. Forced to abandon Earth due to irreparable environmental damage, humanity now sought survival on the harsh terrain of Mars. Attendees embarked on a journey to a kingdom defined by endless rolling sand dunes, mirroring an otherworldly desert landscape reminiscent of the red planet. In this new world, the struggle for survival became instinctive, akin to the powerful force of a warrior. Mars served as a reflective pause, prompting contemplation on the consequences of our actions and the resilience required to adapt to an altered environment.

As the curtains closed, Soirée Mode left an indelible mark, not just as a fashion showcase, but as a multidimensional exploration of the industry’s challenges and the potential for transformative change. Its avant-garde spirit reflected a decade of creativity and innovation, setting the stage for a future where fashion intertwines with consciousness and deliberate choices.

College Lasalle Soirée Mode Photo Menel Rehab

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