Bad Bunny may be the king of Latin Trap, but he’s not ready for the tender trap.

On Sunday, Bad Bunny dropped a surprise music video for “No Me Quiero Casar,” a track off his 2023 album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Manana. The song, which roughly translates to “I Don’t Want to Get Married,” chronicles his commitment to living the high life as a single man with plenty of money and girls at his fingertips.

But the video is more tongue-in-cheek, placing Bad Bunny at a New Year’s Eve party where he must endure a non-stop stream of questions about when he’s going to tie the knot (just like every other human in their 30s attending a holiday function). At first, his dad asks, but he replies, “I’m still a baby.”

He keeps putting people off, friends and family, saying that he’s waiting for later, maybe even 2032. Eventually, he stops answering all together, simply sipping his champagne in silence as people interrogate him.

Bad Bunny.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The video also features SNL cast member Marcello Hernandez as a lovestruck young man who decides to propose to his longtime girlfriend in front of the entire party. Things don’t go as planned when she turns him down, sending Bad Bunny into his song.

In the music part of the video, he sings the praises of being a singleton, gets rescued (seemingly from marriage) by Spider-Man, and generally enjoys life with lots of women, booze, flashy cars, and good times.

So, if you’re feeling blue about going New Year’s Eve alone, turn up Bad Bunny’s track and dance the night away.

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