The sweet moments between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on the Eras Tour continue. During one of the “Fortnight” singer’s performances in Ireland, the couple were spotted walking backstage as fans cheered. How the Kansas City Chiefs tight end reacted, according to a body language expert, exemplifies how he makes life “easy” for Swift. 

During Swift’s tour stop in Dublin, Ireland, footage emerged of her and Kelce exiting the stage after her performance. Kelce, 34, who initially had his arm around the “Anti-Hero” singer, lifted his arms to encourage fans to cheer louder.

At one point, Kelce put his arms out toward Swift in a look-a-the-star type of gesture. It immediately got a laugh from the Grammy winner before the two walked away. 

Body language expert Judi James analyzed the footage. She told the Mirror it was more than just a sweet example of some PDA but also telling. 

“So while we’re all cooing over this footage of Travis and Taylor and the way he acts like he adores her and how she laughs and grabs his bicep in the kind of gesture you get from committed couples,” James said, “it does need pointing out that the pair have very different body language behaviours [sic] from when she appears at his moments of sporting triumph to when he appears at her moments of glory.”

‘Playing to the crowds’ adds a ‘stress-free’ element for Swift

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who makes life 'easy' for Taylor Swift, on stage
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce | Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Having fun in the spotlight—both on stage and off—may help relieve some of the pressure surrounding the romance. 

“‌When Travis is present at Taylor’s concert tour though he has so far appeared up on stage, playing to the crowds like a true acting pro, dressing in costume and showing off his thespian chops to her huge crowd, which he hailed and played to like a star,” she said. 

The moment backstage wasn’t that different. “Here he does similar, playing to the crowd of Swifties by running ahead and miming a comedy bow to introduce her, interacting directly with her fans as he does so.” 

“Taylor clearly loves it, and she clearly loves him,” she went on. “Her ex Joe Alwyn was much more of a privacy fan, so Travis’s love of show-boating might feel like a stress-free contrast.” 

Kelce doesn’t appear to have any ‘fame-phobias’

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift hold hands
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift | Gotham/GC Images

“As J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez] has found out, it’s a risk when an international star marries a man who dislikes being a show-pony [sic] or having his privacy compromised,” James continued, referencing Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reported marriage woes

“Travis, thankfully, seems to have no fame-phobias, which must make life easy for Taylor,” she said. “But it might just be nice to see him doing as she does so thoughtfully and avoiding upstaging her or even joking about her via the comedy intro when it’s her turn to be the star.” 

During a June 2024 appearance on the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast, Kelce opened up about dating Swift. “You want to keep things private, but at the same time, I’m not here to hide anything,” he said. “That’s my girl. That’s my lady. I’m proud of that.”

“I’m not sitting here trying to juggle like, ‘How can I keep this under wraps?’ You just don’t want to let everyone into your personal life and be able to comment on it, knowing that everything she does is getting a headline,” the three-time Super Bowl winner explained.

Describing Swift as “very self-aware,” he admitted, “It can get crazy for somebody with that much attention, and she keeps it so chill and so cool, and I can admire it for sure.” 

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