Boston travel vaccination needed


BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – For those with plans to travel to Boston, make sure you pack proof of vaccination.

Starting today the city of Boston will require people to show proof they’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Here in the western part of the state, no local community has adopted the requirement.

However, Northampton has discussed the possibility. Springfield resident, Natalie Dunn told 22News, “I think it could be helpful because I think it could encourage. I know when the pandemic first started there was a lot of hesitancy around the initial vaccine. I do think that’s something that could encourage people because people want to be out, people want to be in the public.”

The employees working at the public spacers will also be required to present proof of vaccination. People will be able to present proof with the physical card, a photograph, or by uploading the information onto a smartphone app.

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