At CES 2024, Kohler has launched a new PureWash E930 bidet seat that can smarten your existing toilet by bringing new sprays, app connectivity and voice control. The company revealed that this bidet seat can accept voice commands by connecting via Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. For the unaware, CES is an annual event that is usually the hub of the entire crazy and weird tech that we can ever imagine.

Priced at $1,290 (approx Rs 1,07, 300), this Kohler bidet seat is now available for purchase in the US. The company says that users can ask their digital assistant to activate the bidet spray, warm air dryer and UV cleaning features. The water and air dryer features also come with temperature and pressure control options. As per the company, “This heated seat comes with an easy-to-use handheld remote control that allows you to adjust and set all your personal preferences, from water temperature and pressure to seat temperature and air-drying.”

It also comes with Child mode with soft and gentle wash along with oscillating or pulsating spray options. Kohler also launched Anthem Plus shower to monitor water usage, Atmo Bathroom fans with smart lighting and more. 

This is not the only bizarre gadget at CES 2024. Samsung announced a new tiny smart projector robot called Samsung Ballie that can feed your pet, follow you around the house and control smart home devices. We also witnessed LG’s first ever transparent TV at this ongoing event. 

Baracoda unveiled a BMind smart mirror that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to determine your mood and, in turn, offer affirmations, visuals, and more to improve it. It evaluates users’ mental states and select recommended exercises and activities to elevate their moods. 

Samsung also showcased its Music Frame device that functions as a speaker and a picture frame. It can be used as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker, and can even pair with Samsung TVs and soundbars for use as a TV speaker.

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