Just when it looked like things might not work out for Ernest Ray Lynn, the son of the late country music legend Loretta Lynn, Monday brought hope.

In a big way.

The Lynn family revealed last week that Ernest had to have “a critical surgery” and is suffering from kidney failure. The situation was initially shared through Loretta Lynn’s Instagram page, but Crystal Lynn, Ernest’s wife, has been keeping fans updated as much as she can on her Facebook page.

And, initially, things were not looking good, and heading into the weekend it appeared as though Ernest, who is 69, was in a fight for his life.

Monday brought an amazing update from Crystal, though.

“I have no explanation for it other than GOD,” she wrote on Facebook. “One day we can’t get a successful dialyzation … (3 weeks total). The next day we can. One day we’re facing more serious circumstances. The next day we’re not. One day we’re not certain what the future holds. The next day, we have confidence that the future is bright.

“God can do what we cannot, and HE has done it!!!”

Crystal went on to explain that Ernest was being allowed to “go home to heal.”

“NONE of this would’ve been possible without YOUR FAITH, our almighty GOD, and YOUR prayers and support!!” she added. “Thank you ALL for being part of our support system. Thank you ALL for caring enough to take the time to pray for us. Thank you ALL for being part of GOD’s army. We are ETERNALLY grateful.

“You are our heroes.”

Along with the message she shared a photo of Ernest sitting in a hospital chair and a screen shot of text explaining that people of faith “recover more rapidly and more completely.”

This was amazing news for Lynn after he went into the weekend struggling.

Crystal painted a worrisome picture with her Thursday post to Facebook.

“So many of you have messaged or commented asking for an update regarding Ernie and his operation,” Crystal wrote. “Thank you for that. The day hasn’t gone as we had hoped for but we are not giving up. We wholeheartedly believe and claim that this operation will be successful and that the Lord will fulfill our needs. We ask you to please pray specifically for his new device to start working for us tomorrow.

“We believe in God,” she added. “We believe in power of prayer, and we appreciate your continued prayers, concern, and friendship. Thank you all, God bless you all.”

She closed with a Bible Verse, Matthew 18:19-20.

Prayer. Good Medicine. A combination of the two. Whatever the case, Ernest likely still has some battles ahead of him, but this was about as good of an update as the fans who have been following and sending support could have hoped for.

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