Rhode Island Department of Transportation announced the launch of a new tools that claim to help drivers navigate the Washington Bridge closure.

A new travel time dashboard shows “current travel times” which is updated every five minutes. Residents can chose from 12 different routes.

The site also features charts showing a drive time comparison for each hour of the day and each day of the week.

NBC10’s Gabrielle Caracciolo put the website to the test Friday afternoon but found it estimates were not accurate.

Getting on I-195 at the Massachusetts state line just before 4 p.m., the website estimated it would take 21.8 minutes to get to I-95.

The estimate fluctuated throughout the drive, at one point saying it should only take 19 minutes and later estimating 27.

However, the drive took Gabrielle 43 minutes and 19 seconds to complete.

“Look we know that the disruption has been real, and we were sorry for that,” Governor Dan McKee said. “Clearly it’s impacting and it varies day to day. There’s no question about that.”

RIDOT also launched a new website with travel time charts that shows the change in travel times on different days and hours of the day on nine different routes, RIDOT officials said.

Residents will be able to compare travel times from before the bridge closed.

RIDOT officials said the data on the charts will be updated every weekday.

The transportation department launched the Washington Bridge information page with an easy-to-remember URL: https://www.washington-bridge.com.

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