Do’s and Don’ts for a fresh Winter look


The season of cool winds have arrived and with them comes the fiesta of wool, furs and leather. Winter fashion is warm, cosy and can be experimented with.

To get your winter fashion game on point, we have come up with some Do’s and Don’ts of winter fashion

Don’t keep your whites veiled

Whites never go out of fashion, no matter what season it is. They, however, need much care in terms of getting dirty easily. However, you can style your look with whites quite effortlessly. Wear white pants if you want to. For a bright-eyed and comfortable style, wear them with your warmer fall and winter clothes.

Utilize the layers

Rather than leaping from t-shirts to bulky sweaters, coats, or shirts, try layering up. Underneath a t-shirt, layer a long-sleeved top or layer a summer dress over a sweater.

Don’t get away from the peplum

Peplum shirts have a summery feel to them, but they can also be used to freshen up your fall and winter wardrobe. For added warmth, layer with a tank or cami beneath.

Put your flip-flops in the closet

Summers will return, however pretending that it is still here is the worst thing you can do. Move on to shoes and boots to protect your feet!

Don’t put your patterns and prints away as yet

Designs and prints have yet to be released! Simply tone it down a flower if it appears overly summery. Wear a neutral sweater over your flowery summer dress, or choose for a patterned top, scarf, or skirt in a subtle shade.

Scarves may be a lot of fun

One of the most popular fall accessories is scarves. They’re cheap, and they come in a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes. Lean on the scarf to keep your wardrobe up to date and get more wear out of your summer tees. (At the start of the season, all you need is a pretty scarf to replace your trusted T-shirt.)

Make a statement with your coat

Simple is no longer an option when it comes to jackets. It’s all about being bold and eye-catching. Experiment with texture, patterns, and prints. You may even try using a different silhouette. Try a bomber, trench coat, or peacoat if you constantly wear a puffer. Check out our blogs on bomber and trench coat ensembles for more ideas.

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