Home Gossip F1 news: Lewis Hamilton reveals BIZARRE food he ‘hates’ in B.O. slam

F1 news: Lewis Hamilton reveals BIZARRE food he ‘hates’ in B.O. slam

F1 news: Lewis Hamilton reveals BIZARRE food he ‘hates’ in B.O. slam

Lewis Hamilton may be able to handle speeds of up to 220 miles per hour, but don’t ask him to get too close to certain foods…

Hamilton has a strict diet and physical regimen, one he has kept up since parting ways with long-time personal trainer Angela Cullen last year.

The Englishman, who has a joint-record seven Formula 1 world titles to his name, will join Ferrari from Mercedes at the end of the season, in a move set to rock the F1 world.

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Hamilton finished ninth at the recent Japanese Grand Prix and is without a race win since 2021. After that, he took part in a Q&A with GQ Sport, where the conversation took a bizarre turn towards food.

Hamilton will join Ferarri in 2025
Hamilton’s last GP win was in 2021

Hamilton: ‘I’m not afraid of onions!’

“One food for the rest of my life? Oh jeez like one meal? I think it’s that’s a difficult one. I think it would be a curry,” he said. “I love Indian food. There’s one food that I do eat all the time when I get home and it’s just minestrone soup and I just have the same minestrone soup all the time. I don’t ever get tired of it. Or avocado toast.”

Onions are a constituent part of many curry recipes, but don’t ask Hamilton to get near one before it is cooked!

“I’m not afraid of onions I just hate onions, particularly raw onions,” he continued. “I don’t mind if it’s cooked in a soup or something like that but onions and chives are the things that uh, I don’t know, it just reminds me of B.O. You know when you’re around someone that has just the worst B.O. and you want to get away from them?”

On the topic of food and drink, Hamilton is in the process of launching his non-alcoholic Tequila brand, Almave.

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