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Gifts to rev auto lovers’ engines | Georgetown Times

Gifts to rev auto lovers’ engines | Georgetown Times

Since they first became widely available in the early 20th century, cars have inspired no small number of passionate devotees. Some people simply cannot resist the thrills of the open road, while others love driving because of the sense of independence it provides. Regardless of what inspires their passions, come the holiday season, auto enthusiasts undoubtedly would be excited to unwrap these auto-related gifts.

Car wash kit: It’s one thing to drive, and another thing entirely to drive a car that looks like it’s fresh off the dealership lot. Car wash kits come in various sizes, so they’re ideal for holiday shoppers working with various budgets. Kits may include wet wax, wheel gel, glass cleaner, a short handle brush, and microfiber towels, among other supplies. Each accessory within the kit can make cars or trucks shine and look as good as new.

Mechanics’ tool kit: Many car lovers enjoy working on their vehicles almost as much as they love driving them. That makes a mechanic’s tool kit a must-have for auto enthusiasts. Like car wash kits, mechanics’ kits are ideal gifts because they can suit shoppers working with various budgets. Extensive kits include all the tools car lovers need, from ratchets to extension bars to sockets and more, to spend a fun day working in the garage.

Tire inflator: All those miles on the open road is bound to catch up with tires over time, and a portable tire inflator can ensure tires are always properly inflated. Cordless varieties are popular, but so are options that can be plugged into vehicle lighters. Either way, this is a must-have item for anyone who puts a lot of miles on their vehicle.

Autocross lesson: Of course, gifts for auto lovers needn’t be restricted to helping them take care of their own cars. Autocross lessons can teach drivers the finer points of timed competitions while enabling them to get behind the wheel of an exotic car they’ve dreamed of driving. Autocross schools typically have classes for drivers with experience as well as novices, making this a fun gift for anyone who wants to take the thrill of driving to the next level.

There’s no shortage of gift ideas to please the auto enthusiast on your holiday shopping list this year. From the fun to the functional, there’s something for everyone who loves being behind the wheel. 


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