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Many people have a bucket list of one or several travel locations they would like to visit. And these bucket-list destinations are probably not cheap. If you are thinking of going to one of these travel locations in the near future, you may want to consider planning a trip sooner rather than later, as costs to visit these destinations are only likely to increase in the future.

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Antarctica is one of the most difficult and expensive places to visit as a tourist. However, due to its terrain, wildlife, and location, Antarctica is a truly unique location. Some people want to visit every continent, and Antarctica is often one of the last ones on their list due to the difficulty of getting there.

You can get to Antarctica by cruise or airplane. The average cruise costs $1,000 per person per day for an entry-level stateroom. To fly, you would need to first get to Chile or Argentina and then take a flight from there to King George Island, off the Antarctic peninsula’s coast.

Global warming means melting ice in Antarctica, killing wildlife habitats, and changing the landscape. This problem will continue in the future, and prices to get to Antarctica will also increase.

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Venice, Italy, is an iconic travel destination that has been popular for decades. Since the city is small and the demand for tourism is high, hotels, tours, and restaurants can charge a premium. There is no room to build anything new, so business owners must compensate by charging tourists higher rates. There is also the added pressure of Venice sinking. Since Venice is built on a shallow lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, settling lagoon sediments and human activities are causing the city to sink. The city’s highest point is only three feet above sea level. There is no guarantee that Venice will be available to visit as a tourist in the way that it is now in the future.

“The overtourism (in Venice) is really taking a toll. Hotels and restaurants know they can charge pretty much anything because people are so desperate to experience Venice,” says ​​Nausheen Farishta, a travel expert and founder of Globe Gazers. “When I looked into going back recently, I was shocked by the prices. Most affordable rooms were going for two or three times what I paid before. Even cheap meals were well over $20 — not realistic for longer trips. And forget about enjoying quieter areas off the main routes. Locals are understandably trying to reclaim their city.”


Tokyo, and Japan in general, has recently become an even more popular travel destination. Thankfully, Americans have the advantage regarding the exchange rate since the Yen is at a 34-year low against the U.S. dollar. However, the weak Yen has also increased travel demand. Since October 2023, the cost of a JR rail pass has risen by about 70%. Japan is also far from the United States, with nonstop flights from the West Coast to Tokyo clocking in around 11 hours.

“Tokyo’s unique blend of traditional culture and modern innovation, along with attractions like the bustling Shibuya crossing and historic temples, has made it a sought-after travel destination,” says Robin Salvador, Travel Blogger and Founder of Vinz Ideas. “The city’s growing popularity, especially in the lead-up to major events like the Olympics, has contributed to rising accommodation and transportation costs.”


The Maldives are a popular bucket list holiday destination for many couples, individuals, or even families looking to relax. Beautiful overwater bungalows are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many but at great cost.

Getting to the Maldives is very difficult and expensive. The Maldives are far away, and to get to the islands, you will likely need to take several flights, including a floatplane. There are no other budget options to get to the different resorts. And once you arrive at your resort, there is nowhere to go. You must pay whatever prices are charged for food, tours, and anything else the resort offers.


Dubai is filled with the new and fancy. While it is possible to visit Dubai on a budget, it won’t be cheap if you want to experience the most of Dubai. Dubai is filled with unique restaurants and food, extravagant experiences, designer shopping, and five-star hotels. Once you arrive in Dubai, it can be difficult not to spend money to enjoy the unique and extravagant things it offers. Getting to Dubai from the United States can also be costly, as a nonstop flight from New York is about 12.5 hours, and a nonstop flight from Los Angeles is almost 16 hours.


Botswana is popular for luxury African safari experiences. While all African safaris are expensive, Botswana, in particular, offers many luxury camps and specialty experiences. A week-long trip to see several of the most popular reserves and parks can be between $5,000 and $8,000 per person. Plus, getting to Botswana is not cheap. You will need to fly into Maun or Gaborone, two popular safari launch points. Not many flights go into these cities, so your choices will be limited, and you may need to make multiple connections.

The Bottom Line

Many individuals, couples, or families find it difficult to afford a big, expensive vacation. Be sure to research the estimated costs of these vacations, as they are not cheap. Set a realistic budget and save for it in advance. However, if the trip to one of these locations is on your bucket list, now may be the right time.

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