As fans get set for the second season of The Tourist, the actor also admits that he was once mugged on holidays in Jamaica

The Fifty Shades star, who is back for season 2 of The Tourist on Jan 1, says he doesn’t get mobbed by obsessed fans too often.

The Northern Ireland born actor reveals: ““It’s not something I encounter very much of, to be honest. I really just try to close myself off to it as best I can.

“In Ireland they say, ‘Don’t lose the run of yourself. Don’t be getting ahead of yourself.’ They don’t want to see someone being very pleased with the fact they have succeeded. It doesn’t go down well. I have always been very mindful and grateful of that. It means you never get carried away with it.”

The latest series was shot in Ireland

The fast-paced comedy/drama sees Jamie play the part of a man who wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory after a car crash.

In real life, the actor, who has three daughters, says he has been pretty lucky on his travels but was once mugged in Jamaica.

“I’ve been lucky. I’ve spent more than 20 of my career often in very controlled environments and being very much looked after. I did have one really harrowing thing that happened to me when I was in Jamaica. I

“I got mugged. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It’s something I try to forget. Other than that, I’ve been lucky. Just the odd silly situation when you’re younger and you’ve maybe had too much to drink while celebrating the end of your exams. That kind of thing.”

The news series of The Tourist will focus on Elliot and Probationary Constable Helen Chambers (played by Danielle Macdonald) as they continue to hunt for answers relating to his identity. In doing so they are forced to face the dangerous consequences of his past actions.

It’s not the first time that Jamie has played a character suffering from amnesia – with his standout performance as the creepy and violent Paul Spector, alongside Gillian Anderson in The Fall.

He says: “In the second season of The Fall my character had amnesia. That was also a show that we thought would only run one season but came back because the audience wanted more. I’ve been in this situation before, The Fall was only meant to be one series.

“I always think if there’s a want for something, you need to explore it. I don’t think, for lots of reasons, this show should go on and on and on.

“But I do think there’s questions out there that need answers. Paul Spector, my character in The Fall, had amnesia but you never knew if he was telling the truth or if he was manipulating the situation.

“With Elliott, there is a purity and a truthfulness to his memory loss that is really exciting. It turns the rulebook of how you prepare as an actor on its head. That’s exciting to me.”

The new series, was shot in Ireland, which meant Jamie could be close to his family.

Jamie on the red carpet with his wife, actress Amelia Warner, who he married in 2013

Jamie (41) is married to actress Amelia Warner and they have three daughters.

The Tourist was the most watched drama in Britain in 2022 and the new series kicks off on January 1.

He confirms Elliot and Helen are now in a relationship and are “trying to get away from all the madness in the first series and be normal and put it all behind them.”

“I think the question of who Elliot is and why people are after him is compelling but I also think his relationship with Helen is fundamental to why everyone is excited for more. Helen is very much the moral compass of the story.

“She experiences all of the madness Elliot is experiencing and carries the audience through that. She’s the normal one while Elliot is the mad one and this season we find out a lot more about who he is and the very dubious past he left behind.”

The second season of The Tourist is on BBC One at 9pm on January 1.

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