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Lady Gaga, Loud Fashion Icon, Champions the “Quiet Luxury” Look

Lady Gaga, Loud Fashion Icon, Champions the “Quiet Luxury” Look

Lady Gaga is perhaps the last celebrity that might come to mind when we think of the muted neutrals and pared-back stylings that make up the “Quiet Luxury” phenomenon. The style icon prefers things, well, loud—like say, metallic jumpsuits, her various Artpop concoctions from the mid-2010s, and even that infamous meat dress. Well, on Wednesday, Gaga tried her hand at the ever popular stealth look as she emerged in Los Angeles with something that we’d expect more from Sofia Richie than Mother Monster.

The actress and singer left her sequins behind during a rare outing with her boyfriend Michael Polansky. Gaga slipped into black leggings and a brown leather blazer that she belted slightly at the waist. She even scooped her hair up into a slightly messy bun (á la Richie) and provided accessories in the form of pointed-heel boots and cat-eye sunglasses. Perhaps the most prominent nod to the “Quiet Luxury” look, though, is her black Bottega Veneta bag that she cradled casually in her hand. Similar woven styles have been championed by the likes of Rihanna and Margot Robbie too.

Although “Quiet Luxury” has been placed on the “out” lists of many fashion girls and TikTok personalities (who are now onto something called “Loud Budgeting”) heading into 2024, it looks like the style isn’t going anywhere. After all, the whole point of the trend is that it really isn’t a trend at all. And while, yes, Gaga could have simply wanted something comfortable for the afternoon outing, her latest look does in fact speak to an ongoing shift in her personal style—both on and off the red carpet.

Towards the tail end of last year, Gaga staged a surprise appearance at Bradley Cooper’s Maestro premiere where, instead of an elaborate gown, she opted for a chic Alexander McQueen suit set. Given that she’s not starring in the film, the choice for something a bit more understated might have been intentional. However, it truly was a rather toned down take on her usual red carpet dressing.

Only time will tell if Gaga will continue with her recent stealth wealth leanings. But, as evidenced by another risk-taking style icon, Jennifer Lopez, “Quiet Luxury” can always become a little “Loud” from time to time.

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