The basketball world changed the day Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive in November of 1991.

It took Johnson almost a year later before he fully detailed the lifestyle that led to him catching the virus. On Nov. 5, 1992, he sat down with ABC Primetime Live to give the shocking revelations in front of a global audience.

He spoke about his sexual escapades in the elevators, conference rooms or wherever place he could find.

“Different women have different fantasies,” Johnson said. “I wanted to make sure they reach their fantasies. That was my thing.”

The interview almost put fear into professional athletes, celebrities and anyone else who lived a promiscuous lifestyle.

“You didn’t mind being a daredevil every now and then,” Johnson said. “There’s always a look about a woman that you can tell something is about to happen. She gave me that look and I said, `Oh, not here.’ She said, `yeah here. I don’t have any panties on, so let’s go.”‘

The virus led to Johnson’s immediate retirement. He played on the Olympic Dream Team before making short-lived comeback attempts in 1992 and 1996. He later coached the Lakers briefly but has since become one of the most successful businessmen in the world.

But that in the interview will always be remembered as the day Johnson told all, making it just as memorable as his playing days.

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