Film buffs and amateur critics on the movie-centric social network Letterboxd couldn’t settle on whether musical comedy “Mean Girls”—a remake of the 2004 hit—was a must-see or a dud, making it the most divisive film on the site’s list of popular movies, according to data Letterboxd shared with Forbes—as “Mean Girls” leads a pack of 2024 films that left users somewhere between amazed and disappointed.

Key Facts

Letterboxd selected the year’s most divisive movies from its most engaged-with 2024 films by identifying movies closest to having an even amount of ratings between a half-star and five stars—meaning users couldn’t reach a consensus.

Mean Girls: The musical remake has an average rating of 2.7 out of five stars, posting nearly the same number of two and four-star reviews from users who believed it couldn’t stack up to the 2004 version and others who lauded singer-songwriter Reneé Rapp’s antagonistic role in the movie as Regina George.

The Idea of You: An Amazon romantic comedy based on a book of the same name, “The Idea Of You” starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine has an average rating of 2.5, primarily receiving three-star reviews as users gushed over the two lead actors.

I Saw the TV Glow: The A24-distributed horror-drama is the most highly-reviewed flick on the list with a 3.6-star rating fueled by split reviews at the higher end, with most users praising its queer themes and “shot-selections that simultaneously impact you emotionally while also feeling like a nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire: The second crossover movie featuring King Kong and Godzilla in three years has a 2.8-star rating on Letterboxd with a near identical number of two and four-star reviews fueled by unimpressed users and those who enjoyed the “goofball blockbuster monster movie.”

Damsel: The Milly Bobby Brown-led fantasy adventure movie has an average rating of 2.5, but despite the lackluster average, users seemed to somewhat enjoy the movie, with one user calling the Netflix exclusive a “movie so dumb it’s actually quite fun” and another characterizing it as, “Enjoyable Netflix slop.

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What Did Users Think Of The Other Divisive Letterboxd Movies?

6. Argyle (2.3 stars): “Absolutely appalling…I had a blast with it,” George Clark wrote in a one-star review.

7. Miller’s Girl (1.8 stars): “Jenna ortega girl i’m going to get you a new agent just hold tight …. dear god,” Grace wrote in a one-star review.

8. The Strangers: Chapter 1 (1.9 stars): “I wish the strangers would’ve put me out of my misery halfway through the movie,” Tyler wrote in a one-star review.

9. Under Paris (2.2 stars): “Legit one of the funnier ‘secretly serious’ movies I’ve ever seen,” David Ehrlich said in a two-star review.

10. The Garfield Movie (2.6 stars): “The amount of effort I put into clearing out my email is the same amount of effort Chris Pratt puts into voice acting. (None),” CinemaJoe said in a two-star review.


The movies on this list are featured on the first page of Letterboxd’s most popular movies from this year, meaning out of all the movies released so far in 2024, the above received the most activity (ratings, reviews, likes, etc.) from users. Letterboxd selected the most divisive movies from that list by identifying the films closest to having a uniform distribution of ratings, or an even share between the minimum and maximum star ratings.

What To Watch For

Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming sci-fi drama “Megalopolis” could prove to be the most divisive movie on Letterboxd this year. Slated for a Sept. 27 release date, the movie has only been rated by a little more than 1,500 people on Letterboxd, some of which likely watched the movie through its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, when critics were left polarized. Letterboxd ratings for “Megalopolis” are wildly split, posting the exact same number of two-star and five-star reviews that have contributed to an average rating of three stars.

Key Background

Letterboxd, a social media app allowing users to track their movie consumption and share their opinions, was launched in 2011 and has since developed a reputation for wacky, creative user reviews. A majority of the movies at the top of Letterboxd’s list of most popular movies so far this year have not broken past the three-star average and range from averages as low as 1.67 stars (“Mother of the Bride”) to 4.5 stars (“Dune: Part Two). Users have employed the increasingly popular movie cataloging service to keep track of the movies they watch and want to watch, most notably using it to share reviews that range from serious, analytical takes to clever, satirical one-liners that may or may not have anything to do with their opinions about a movie.

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