Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Medical expert explains how weight loss drugs can increase chances of pregnancy


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Popular weight loss drugs could have an unexpected outcome for the women who take them: Pregnancy.

They’re being called “Ozempic babies” by women on social media who have unexpectedly become pregnant while taking weight loss drugs, and medical experts say there’s a few different ways these medications can affect fertility in women.

Experts say obesity can lower fertility in women, and when they begin shedding the pounds on a weight loss drug, that fertility can begin to increase.

Additionally, these drugs often cause delayed gastric emptying as part of weight loss, but that can change how your body absorbs medications, including birth control.

Weight loss doctors say these drugs can cause a lot of changes to your body’s natural hormones.

“It causes a lot of changes to your hormone levels and by regulating the hormone GLP-1, we know that it not only affects metabolism, but it also affects a lot of other different hormone levels in the body, even ones that we don’t fully understand how it’s effecting them,” said Dr. Katie Novitski, the Chief of Bariatric Surgery at Ascension St. Vincent’s. “So, yes, you can have ‘Ozempic’ babies.”

Experts caution women on weight loss medications to really pay attention to their bodies, since some of the symptoms of pregnancy, like nausea, are also common side effects of these drugs.

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