Mexico’s Yucatan region, which includes Cancun, is returning to normal after being hit by Tropical Storm Beryl on Friday.

The State Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal reported no casualties and no severe damage to the region.

Beryl, which hit Mexico as a category three storm, caused ‘only a few fallen trees and poles, power outages and other minor incidents’, according to Yucatan Tourism.

All preventive restrictive measures have been lifted and public transport has been operating normally since Saturday.

Mérida International Airport was declared ‘ready to resume operations’ on Saturday and Cancun Airport has also reopened. 

“Regarding the state’s tourism offerings, no disruptions have been reported that would interfere with or affect recreational activities, making it possible to enjoy the capital and the natural attractions and services available to visitors in the six tourist regions,” added a spokesperson for Yucatan Tourism.

Archaeological sites reopened yesterday.

Beryl is now heading towards Texas, where it is expected to make landfall this morning.

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