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Movies For Your Monday – Pinkbike

Sullivan Reed – An Ode To Winter Riding Sometimes the best rides come in the worst conditions. Ambassador Sullivan Reed doesn’t let the winter weather get in the way. Video: Max McCulloch.

Jaxson Riddle – Golden State: It’s no secret that Jaxson Riddle is one of the most stylish riders out there. Mixing things up, and escaping the winter riding at home in the desert, Jaxson headed to SoCal to ride some incredible spots that were built by friend, and one of Jaxson’s builder’s from Rampage, Sammy Mercado, in Golden State. Video: Christian Rigal.

Magic Feeling: What would you choose if you could have one superpower? There are so many options to choose from: flying, being invisible, or even super-strength, but what if you could choose to have your dream trails appear right-in-front of you… anywhere, anytime? Sounds crazy to be passing on so many cool superpowers to choose this, right? For us, it’s simple: nothing beats the feeling of riding a fresh trail that you have imagined and built yourself — we love everything about it! From using your creativity and seeing a line appear in your imagination, to digging it out with your bare hands, shovels and pickaxes, and then finally being able to ride it. When your wheels touch that fresh dirt for the first time – it feels like riding on a cloud – or when you hit a jump perfectly – it feels like flying – and when you pick up speed and find your flow, it feels like a video game. And it doesn’t have to end there either. Building trails means leaving something for others to enjoy, making the world more fun, not just for you, but for everyone. And this is a true superpower!

Team Bonding – Welcoming Emmy Lan to Forbidden: New year, new team, new bike. Join Forbidden Synthesis teammates Magnus Manson and Rhys Verner as they welcome Emmy to the team with some chilly local shake-down laps. We’re pleased to officially welcome Emmy Lan to the Forbidden Family. Hailing from our home turf, Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley, signing Emmy feels like a homecoming. We’re excited to help Emmy build on her spectacular 2022 EWS U21 series-winning season. To infinity and beyond.

Hammers & Nails: From Brett Rheeder’s uncompromized run that gave Commencal a historic first win, to the ultra tense tricks of Andreu Lacondeguy and DJ Brandt, without forgetting the unlucky Kyle Strait, let’s take a look at the freeride event of the year: the 2022 Red Bull Rampage. Riders: Brett Rheeder, Andreu Lacondeguy, DJ Brandt, and Kyle Strait. Director: Cole Nelson.

The Hardtail Holdout: Locals in Bellingham, WA know him as “the guy on the Chromag hardtail,” and as the humble hardtail holdout, Robbie Kane is one of those few who have not only embraced a minimalist mountain bike mindset but have made a soulful connection with, pun intended, the roots of mountain biking. Despite riding for 20 years, Robbie has never owned a full suspension bike, opting to be content with one basic bike to rule them all. Robbie Kane is one of those rare people who wastes nothing. Time, supplies, bike components, everything is an investment. Uncluttered by luxuries, he is able to focus on his craft, whether churning dirt for the next great trail, plucking the strings of an acoustic guitar, or riding with his furry friend Ochi. Robbie isn’t resistant to change, he’s just content further honing his skills, a reminder that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Words and Video by Brad Walton.

Adam Morse – The Power Of 100: Between EWS stops and local trail advocacy, Vermont resident Adam Morse still finds time to dream up adventures in his backyard. His latest idea? 100 miles through the rough, rocky, rooty trails of Vermont. Constant up and down, minimal flow, and boiled potatoes for lunch. This is Adam’s Power of 100.

Loamatosed: Josh Bryceland, Sam Dale, and Josh Lewis. Fresh tracks section from Content and Deliverance.

Jacob Mullen – My Kona: Jacob Mullen could be described as a renaissance man. He works at a bike shop, he coaches, he can ride dirt jumps, downhill, gravel—you name it, he’s into it. Jacob has been on our ambassador team for a few years and personifies everything that Kona stands for. He’s always down to ride. He wants to ensure others have access to riding. He throws mega parties in the woods. And, that moustache! We can’t ignore that. The dude has style both on and off his bike and brings the Kona love up to his hometown of Prince George, BC. Whether he’s on his Process X, Remote 160, or his Libre, you can be sure Jacob is pumped.

Odyssey BMX – Best Of 2022: With 2023 now underway, we thought we’d remind you of some of our favourite clips from last year! In 2022, we celebrated Gary’s 20th year with us, took a couple trips, released a handful of projects and added some new faces to the team. Sit back and enjoy a best of 2022 compilation.

Parker Heath – Can You Film This? Diving down huge rails, blasting transitions, and some never seen before combos… Parker Heath’s section from ”Can You Film This?” ticks all the boxes. CYFT highlights GT’s up and coming generation of riders. Initially a project to not let the typically bro-cam footage that was stacking up go to waste from those “Hey dude, Can You Film This?” moments. In time, the project gained momentum and evolved into a full-length we couldn’t be more proud of.

Clint Reynolds S&M C.C.R. It’s pretty wild that Clint Reynolds has been on S&M for over 10 years now. What’s even wilder is that he’s been doing it on the same frame the whole time – his dream rig… the S&M C.C.R. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!

Who Is Braden Hoban? Braden Hoban is one of those skaters you see once in a generation. He’s the first person we’ve seen in a long time with the unique skill set to be primarily out in the streets filming for videos, but with the ability to go skate a major contest and podium. The newest member of the USA Skateboarding Men’s Street Team had a breakout year in 2022. Hoban turned Pro for Toy Machine, won the SLS Hubba Hideout Ressurection, placed 2nd at the SLS Super Crown Champion, and 3rd at the USA Skateboarding National Championship which landed him a spot on the 2023 Men’s National Team. Braden is experiencing his opportunities to the fullest, as all the greats before him have done, taking nothing for granted. Join us as we take a look into Braden’s life, his upbringing, the Mohkie crew he grew up skating with, the strong bond he has with his family and his friends and the grateful mindset he maintains through it all. Spend the day with the rising superstar to find out exactly WHO IS Braden Hoban?

REAL Presents “Three Seasons” Video: Gage, Tanner, and Patrick each possess a distinctive prowess and the collective result is sensational. Ishod, Zion, and the whole REAL squad supply strong support, making this vid a must-watch.

RVCA’s “Jammin’ in Jamaica” Video: Busy streets, unbeatable views, mixed with a healthy sampling of epic concrete, Evan, Curren, Donta, Mark and Julian do it right in Jamaica. Eli links up to make sure the vibes are high.

Why We All Need Subtitles Now: Have you ever been watching a show or movie, and then a character delivers a line so unintelligible you have to scramble to find the remote and rewind? For me, this moment came during the climax of the Pete Davidson film “The King of Staten Island,” where his most important line was impossible to understand. I had to rewind three times — and eventually put subtitles on — to finally pick up what he was saying. This experience isn’t unique — gather enough people together and you can generally separate them into two categories: People who use subtitles, and people who don’t. And according to a not-so-scientific YouTube poll we ran on our Community tab, the latter category is an endangered species — 57% of you said you always use subtitles, while just 12% of you said you generally don’t. But why do so many of us feel that we need subtitles to understand the dialogue in the things we watch? The answer to that question is complex – and we get straight to the bottom of it in this explainer, with the help of dialogue editor Austin Olivia Kendrick.

Transition – Ben Buratti: Shredding in France and Switzerland.

The FIFTY – 41/50 – One of the Worst Places on the Planet: Nestled at the base of the highest mountain entirely in BC, Canada – Mt. Waddington – lies a perfect couloir. A white ribbon knifed through colossal granite towers set among an ocean of ice and snow. While Mt. Waddington is a prize for mountaineers, the Combatant Couloir is a prize for ski mountaineers. But what if the mountains, the ice and the permanent snow has changed so much, that exactly what defines the Combatant as perfect, is no longer true? Joined by professional freeskier Nick McNutt, the FIFTY crew heads up to one of the stormiest, windiest, and what local legend Mike King describes as, “one of the worst places on the planet” to ski a line that looks classic, but may not be classic anymore.

Nexus: Women. Skiers. Friends. Nexus is a ski film documenting five distinct groups of women, exploring their connections to each other, the transformative power of the mountains, and the lessons learned from their time on skis. Featuring: Michelle Parker, Lucy Sackbauer, and Krystin Norman.

The Man With The Magic Brush: Canadian painter, Mark Hobson has a dream studio, floating on the emerald green waters of the Clayoquot Sound.

Photo: James Lissimore

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