Music Releases From the First Week of January to Get You Ready for 2021


Saweetie - Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat)

Saweetie – Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat)
Screenshot: YouTube

2021 started off with a bang, literally and metaphorically. From the insanity that happened in D.C. last Wednesday (January 6th, 2021) to KimYe’s split to every other random act in between, it was hard for me to stay on top of the new music that I was dying to hear as it dropped.

Because we’ve started off this year with an “oh shit,” tone, weekly “Mic Drops” of new music released will be published each week, recapping what came out over the weekend. From well known artists like Jazmine Sullivan, to new ones such as 5AM, each week will feature different types of releases I’ve chosen to help push you through the week until the next set of bangers drops.

This week, a ton of artists dropped their hip hop and R&B tracks/albums and I’m really here for it. So grab your headphones (or Airpods, or whatever) and listen up.

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