Mysterious Lifestyle of Frank Obegi & 3 Friends Found Murdered in Kijabe Forest


The discovery of popular social media influencer, Frank Obegi, among the four people found murdered and their mutilated bodies dumped in Kijabe forest, Kiambu County has lifted the lid into his mysterious lifestyle alongside two of his friends. 

Friends of the deceased, who did not wish to be named for obvious reasons, indicated that Frank, Moses Nyachae and Elijah Omeke had been living large on the proceeds of money that largely remained unexplained. 

The three were also reported to have escaped death narrowly after they were caught in a suspected ‘wash wash’ (Nairobi slang for financial scams) tricks in 2020.

Some witnesses have come out to give unconfirmed testimonies that they were scammed by the three deceased persons in ATM scams and other online fraud schemes. 

Nairobi City mortuary

Nairobi City mortuary


However, friends of Fred Mokaya, told that he may have been a victim of the wrong company. 

Multiple friends and acquaintances reported that Fred lived an honest life trading academic writing accounts but was also a close friend to Obegi and his gang.

The four led lavish lifestyles and spent huge amounts of money when they went out to party at various entertainment joints in the capital.

Frank’s troubles started when the girlfriend to one of his colleagues called him to inform him about the disappearance of one of his friends. The academic writing trader reported the matter to a police station and immediately went missing – until his body was found on Monday, June 20. 

When reached out to Frank’s friends, they expressed fear and stated they had no idea as to what transpired – only adding that they were waiting for the police to conclude investigations.

 A section of family members of the four told the Nation that two of the men were the first to disappear on Tuesday last week (June 14) with the other two failing to return back home after going to look for their friends.

Speaking to, the blogger’s brother stated that he spoke to him on the day he disappeared

“I received the news this morning from a friend who was close to him and knew his whereabouts. The lady who informed me about his death had gone to City Mortuary and confirmed that it was him.

“He has been missing since Tuesday. That was when he was last seen online and that was when I received the last communication from him. It was upon the learning of his death that I realised that he had been inactive on social media. He was very active on social media, but his accounts have since been deleted,” he stated.

On the other hand, Lari Police Commander, Adamson Furaha, stated that the police were investigating the matter even as it emerged that the four may have been killed in another place before their bodies were dumped at the forest.

The police are yet to release a statement regarding the incident and the progress of the investigations.

Police officers at a kidnapping scene

DCI officers combing through a crime scene

death murder killed probe suspect scam

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