GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – March is National Nutrition Month and during this month, one local health expert explains how simple lifestyle changes could go a long way.

Lindsay Luschwitz, who is a registered dietitian nutritionist at ECU Health’s Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, said during National Nutrition Month they host events and go to the hospital’s cafeteria to bring awareness to this year’s theme. The goal is for more people to get involved in their health.

“The theme for this year is called “Fuel for the Future,” so I love that concept because it’s not only talking about sustainability of our food sources,” Luschwitz said. “It’s talking about fueling for your future specifically eating throughout your lifespan for your health.”

Tips for a healthier lifestyle include:

  • Swapping chips for a handful of nuts
  • Using fresh fruit to make juice or smoothies with instead of fruit juice
  • Watch your fast-food intake as fast food is loaded with sodium and saturated fat and low in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Switch to soybean or a type of bean-based pasta as it has more protein and fiber
  • Cut back on sweetened beverages

“It’s not just for those who have elevated blood sugars. High fructose corn syrup in sodas and other beverages is probably one of the worst things we can put in our body, and so trying to find ways to replace your sweetened beverages with unsweetened beverages is what I talk to my patients about,” said Luschwitz.

According to Forbes, 33% of Americans set a New Year’s goal to improve their diet in 2023. Luschwitz said after the first month into a new year, they see this slow down.

“Figure out one or two things that you want to work on at that moment in time and say ok, I’m going to aim to be consistent with the gym two days a week and make sure we’re consistent with that goal.”

“Or I’m going to make sure that I have my water bottle that I know is 40 ounces and I fill that up twice during the day. Set those intentional goals that you can kind of track, and see if you’re able to stay consistent with,” added Luschwitz.

Luschwitz stressed progress and change take time and to not give up on trying to be healthier. To get more information or help with creating healthier changes, contact ECU’s Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at (252) 847-9908.

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