A wild weekend of weather is in store for Northern California beginning Saturday, as light rain could grace the Bay Area alongside near-freezing overnight temperatures and large waves, while heavy snow forces a warning against travel through the Sierra Nevada region.

The cold front was forecast to slide down from the North Bay to the rest of the Bay Area in the early afternoon Saturday, with a light but steady rain band expected to pass through by the evening hours.

Rain totals weren’t predicted to rise further than one-quarter of an inch in the population centers of San Jose, Oakland, Walnut Creek and San Francisco. In higher elevations such as the Santa Cruz Mountains and Mt. Diablo, totals could reach one-half of an inch.

While waves won’t reach the heights seen at the end of December, which led to extensive damage along the coast, the National Weather Service warned that breaking waves as large as 10 feet could reach the shore overnight into Saturday; inexperienced swimmers should remain outside of the water.

A similar small craft warning will be in effect until 7 a.m. Sunday, meaning that inexperienced mariners shouldn’t operate small-water vessels in the ocean between Point Arena and Point Reyes.

While the rain will be light and the waves should remain calmer than past weeks, the cold will make its presence felt. A NWS frost advisory goes into effect for the interior East Bay and South Bay between midnight and 10 a.m. Sunday.

Those areas, including San Jose and the rest of the South Bay and the parts of the East Bay interior of the hills, could see temperatures near freezing. Overnight forecast lows Saturday and Sunday night include 34 degrees in San Jose and Concord and 32 degrees in Livermore.

The low temperatures could present problems to populations that are vulnerable to the cold, like the elderly and the unhoused. The NWS urged residents in these areas to ensure they’re properly heated and prepared for the frigid nights.

Those looking to escape the Bay Area’s strange conditions over the weekend may want to look in other places than the Sierra Nevada. The NWS and Caltrans have warned potential travelers against heading to the mountain range as road conditions could be dangerous amid heavy snowfall.

“We have a winter storm warning out for the Lake Tahoe area,” said NWS Reno meteorologist Chris Johnson. “Basically we’re saying travel will be difficult to impossible especially during the afternoon into the evening period (Saturday) when winds will be at their strongest.”

High winds gusting between 40-60 miles per hour could present a danger as snow falls Saturday, leading to recommendations to avoid travel during that time.

“Very strong winds could pick up some snow and you can get whiteout conditions when that happens,” Johnson said.

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