Home Movies Netflix Categories to Peruse for the Full Length of a Movie Before Falling Asleep

Netflix Categories to Peruse for the Full Length of a Movie Before Falling Asleep

Netflix Categories to Peruse for the Full Length of a Movie Before Falling Asleep

Romantic Comedies

Romantic Comedies for Men Who Hate Women

Romantic Comedies for Women Who Hate Themselves

Buddy Comedies for Men Who Don’t Have Any Meaningful Male Friendships

Buddy Comedies That Could’ve Been Romantic Comedies If Not for Rampant Homophobia

Early 2000s Politically Incorrect Comedies You’re Still Allowed to Love Because “It Was a Different Time” and “When Did Everyone Get So Sensitive?”

Emotional Dramas

Heartfelt Dramas

Emotionally Heartfelt Dramas

Award-Winning Dramas You’ll Never Actually Watch Because You Don’t Really Feel Like Watching Something Sad Tonight or Literally Ever

Action Thrillers

Action Thrillers That Will Leave You Asking, “Why Are the Explosions So Loud, but Then I Can’t Hear Any of the Words?”

Psychological Crime Thrillers

Psychological Crime Thrillers with a Cold Female Detective

Psychological Crime Thrillers with a Reckless Male Detective Who Doesn’t Play by the Rules but Who Is Also Vulnerable and Has a Deep, Defining Trauma That, Once Revealed, Will Perfectly Unlock His Character Arc

Sci-Fi Movies

Fantasy Sci-Fi Movies

Alien Sci-Fi Movies to Watch with a New Sense of Unease

Robot Sci-Fi Movies That Will Make You Say, “Why Are These People Resisting? If I Had Sentient Robot Overlords (and One Day I Hope to), Then, Gee, I’d Simply Relish Not Having to Make Any More Decisions”

Robo-Alien Sci-Fi Movies That Used to Seem Far-Fetched but Now Seem More Like Helpful Orientation Videos on How to Cling to Your Nearest Tom Cruise

Zombie Horror Movies to Escape the Harsh, Everyday Robo-Alien Grind

Independent Films

Independent Hidden Gems That Should Probably Stay Hidden

Independent Art-House Movies That Will Make You Call an Ex and Give Yourself Bangs

Critically Acclaimed Documentaries

Eye-Opening Documentaries That Will Make You Want to Close Your Eyes Forever

Nature Documentaries That Will Make You Want to Save the Planet Until You Really Need That Thing from Amazon

True-Crime Documentaries to Talk About at Work

True-Crime Documentaries to Never Talk About with Anyone Because Their Sheer Level of Depravity Will Indicate That You Yourself Are Probably a Sex-Crazed Slaughter Monster

True-Crime Documentaries That Will Make You Wonder If You’re Still Young or Pretty Enough to Be Targeted by a Serial Killer

Because You Watched “Jumanji”

Because You Watched “The Queen’s Gambit” and Immediately Bought a Chess Set You Still Haven’t Touched

Because You Watched “The Best Years of Your Life Pass You by with Nothing to Show for It”

Because You Hate Your Father

Because You Hate Women Who Love Their Fathers

Because It’s Midnight, and Your Phone Just Died, so You Can’t Even Search Each Movie’s Individual Rotten Tomatoes Score, and One of Your Contact Lenses Is Floating So Far Back on Your Eyeball It Is Now Likely Lost Inside of Your Brain, and Besides It’s Not Like You’re Really Going to Watch the Movie Anyway, You Just Like Knowing You Have Options, and with Us You Always Have Options! Sure the Majority of Them Are Pig-Trough Slop, but as Long as You Dumb Little Piggies Keep Oinking We’ll Keep Shovelling It in, and Pretty Soon You Won’t Even Notice That Jeff Bridges Isn’t Jeff Bridges but, Rather, the Digitized Likeness of Jeff Bridges, Cuz You Dumb Little Slurping Hogs Will Be Too Sauced Off Our Latest Algorithmic Scum-Muck Special to Ever Know the Difference. Bon Appétit! ♦

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