NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — No violations were found regarding Riley Strain, according to the results of an investigation from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

The TABC stepped in after the 22-year-old Missouri student went missing in March, prompting a citywide search that resulted in finding him eight miles away from downtown in the Cumberland River. Most recently, an autopsy report deemed Strain’s death an accident. A toxicology report found Strain’s blood alcohol three times the legal limit along with Delta-8 found in his system.

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“While the circumstances of Mr. Strain’s death are tragic, the TABC investigation into whether he was served alcohol while visibly intoxicated on the night of March 8, 2024, did not result in any concrete evidence in the form of eyewitness testimony or video proof of a violation,” the findings from the TABC said.

The TABC entered into the investigation after Strain was asked to leave Luke Bryan’s Bar on Lower Broadway. However, his group visited four bars on Lower Broadway, where video surveillance showed Strain paying for his food and beverages. In the video, he wasn’t visibly in unstable condition.

Fraternity brothers enter the narrative

For the first time, the fraternity brothers Strain traveled to Nashville with speak on what happened to him that night after interviews with the TABC.

The report named the Delta Chi Mizzou chapter from Mizzou.

Chapter president AJ Townsend said four bus came to Nashville on March 8. While Strain wasn’t on his bus, Townsend saw him at the hotel where the group was staying. However, Townsend was not with Strain while they were out on Broadway.

The report says the college students went to Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places and Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk.

His roommate Braden Baltz was the last to see him, according to the report. His other friend Joey Cockell helped make the police report.

Baltz said he knew Strain ordered a margarita at Miranda Lambert’s bar wasn’t sure if he had any other drinks there. The group then went to Garth Brooks’ bar, where he said Strain had to two to three rum and cokes and three Nutrl hard seltzers. Later in the night, the group walked to Luke Bryan’s where Baltz said his friend may have had another rum and coke.

They then went to Kid Rocks, where Baltz was not sure what Strain had to drink there. When they returned to Luke Bryan’s, Baltz grabbed Strain two waters because he started slurring his words. Because the bartender heard Strain’s speech, he said that was why Strain was asked to leave.

After Braden got out of the bar, he called Strain within two or three minutes of Strain leaving.

Strain told him he was walking back to the hotel, which was the last time the two spoke.

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