QB Mac Jones on Patriots’ windy win against Bills: ‘Just a crazy game’


It was a weird one to say the least.

Bills kicker Tyler Bass had the shortest miss of his career, as his 33-yard attempt blew off into the distance, closer to the fans than three points.

When the wind was with the kickers, kickoffs sailed through the back of the end zone. For Jones and Allen, throwing passes anywhere but short was a futile effort, as Jones’ one incompletion was his only deep attempt (10-plus air yards) and Allen was 3 of 13 for 59 yards and a touchdown on deep passes, per Next Gen Stats.

“Yeah it was difficult, I think one way was probably easier than the other,” Jones said of throwing in the gusty conditions. “I haven’t seen that much wind, probably ever, but it’s just a learning experience.”

While it was a learning experience for the Alabama product, it was a losing effort for a Bills team that had no answer for the Patriots’ rushing approach, which saw New England run the ball an eye-bulging 46 times for 222 yards.

It made for an indelible night for the Patriots and an ominous one for the Bills.

“I don’t know if it affected us too bad, maybe a throw here or there, but, again, that’s why I’m here, to play in those types of conditions,” Allen said. “Gotta find a way.”

While Allen and Buffalo are no doubt looking to forget Monday and move forward, Patriots offensive lineman David Andrews had an ear-to-ear grin describing a game he won’t soon forget.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever played in a game where we’ve thrown the ball three times and I’ve been playing football since I was 6 years old, so that’s 23 years,” Andrews said. “Six years old, I threw the ball more than that. How can that not be a memorable thing? Monday night, I mean, wind, cold.”

With temperatures in the 30s and gusts as high as 50-55 mph, every pass or kick was an adventure on Monday night.

There was no homefield advantage or shelter from the storm for the Bills, but the Patriots embraced the chaos and rode it to victory.

“We knew it was gonna be windy,” Jones said. “You can’t control it, there’s no on-and-off switch. But you can just go out there, have the right mindset and just understand that everything’s not gonna be perfect. I don’t think there will be a game like that in a long time, but when it is, you can’t control it, you just gotta go out there and do your job.”

Jones and Co. certainly didn’t shirk any task, no matter the weather. And they emerged through the flurries and winds atop the AFC East with a comfortable two-game lead amid most uncomfortable conditions.

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