Tonight, tomorrow and the day after, Xander De Ricci will be at Lotto Arena for, as he puts it, “the only year-end convention that matters.” During the experiment, we saw that the most strident and harsh media critic in Flanders had returned after a year off. “The Masked Singer?” “Kinder Surprise on a budget, that’s it.”

In the series “Is there anything left to laugh about?” Our reporter reviews all the year-end conferences. Every time he and/or the audience laughs out loud, he draws a line in his notebook. What is the funniest performance? Every day we discuss a presentation:
• 12/28: Xander De Riki (watch him 2023)
• 12/29: Stijn Maurice (Sermon: 59)
• 12/30: Hetty Hillsmurthel (Mission 2023)
• 12/31: Joost Vandecastele (#end of the year – a bit exaggerated)
• 1/1: Kamal Kharmash (May I have a moment?)

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