But it was the love the duo showed to their Jamaican heritage that turned them into crownholders. Their Sunday day parties at Believe Music Hall, Rum Punch Brunch, triumphed over Bamba Tuesdays, Mashup Sessions and Perreo404 and became this year’s Red Bull Culture Clash champions.
Red Bull Culture Clash made its return to Atlanta after a five-year hiatus to celebrate the city’s diverse music communities and their related party atmospheres, including amapiano, dancehall, hip-hop and reggaton. Paige Shari and Jessie Woo took over as hosts of the competition, which was split into four rounds with crews performing eight-minute sets each.

Crowd during Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta, Georgia on Nov 4th, 2023

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Coming out dressed in army fatigue jackets stitched with red patches, Ruddock and Williams flipped their red, yellow and green-colored corner stage into one grand sweaty reggae and dancehall club-turned-block party out of Kingston. The dancers Kimberly Cotterell, Cece Tor, Don Soup and KingSauceGodPrezzy shook it up with the winding waist gyrations, headstands and heel toeing so hard, the floor started sweating.

“This is a dream come true for us being able to put people on a stage like this to go,” Ruddock said. “This means a lot to us, and this is the core of who we are. Our entire team is very invested because we love what we do for our culture.”

Mashup Sessions performs during Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta, Georgia

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The Rum Punch Brunch posse also brought out violinist Mapy and dancehall artists Serani, Vanessa Bling, Teejay, Aidonia, Govana and Mr. Lexx. Like Ruddock and Williams, the team shared a commitment going into competition to put on for the Jamaican and West Indian community in Atlanta.

“This is a walk around the park for me,” Matterhorn, a veteran World Clash Jamaica and UK Cup Clash Champion, said. “Everybody on the team did what they were supposed to do, and we ran it like the NBA. The vibes were lit in Atlanta tonight.”

“Any crown you take home feels good, especially when you’re representing your culture and community,” Chin added.

Circling Red Bull Culture Clash’s center pit the entire night was like traveling and jammin’ to a musical passport. DJ Kash, who spins those feel good amapiano grooves at Bamba Tuesdays, wanted his set to show love to the Motherland. Recreating an ambiance similar to a cozy African living room with congas and bamboo lanterns, the New York native warmed the crowd with some tribal footwork, Junior Reid chants and some swag surfin’ led by its artist, F.L.Y.

Dj Vitillaz, Dj EU and dancers during Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta

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DJ Kash, who also owns M Bar Atlanta in the historic Sweet Auburn District, was joined onstage by “No Letting Go” singer Wayne Wonder during Sleeping with the Enemy, the third round of competition where Bamba Tuesdays had to recreate Rum Punch Brunch’s sound. Bamba Tuesdays, the only crew to not wear uniforms, kept a cool breeze in the air with Afro B’s performance of “Drogba (Joanna).”
The opposite side of Red Bull Culture Clash kept the turn up front and center. Mashup Sessions turned up the volume and took the crowd from I-20 and around I-285 with Travis Porter on deck for “All The Way Turnt Up” and “Make It Rain” along with Young Nudy for his rousing “Peaches and Eggplants” and Trillville for their rowdy anthem “Neva Eva.”
Dressed in red varsity letterman jackets on a platform resembling a high school classroom, DJs Unruely and The Canterbury Talez showed some love to Brazilian Carnival after they introduced Memphis rapper Gloss Up for “Shabooya” as another surprise guest.
Next to Mashup Sessions was Perreo404 taking the crowd to a barrio in East L.A. or Harlem. Led by Atlanta United’s official DJ EU, the all-inclusive Latin community was joined by DJ Luian and Johnny Juelz and singer Nino Augustine for some bouncy reggaeton feels. Perreo404 kept the night lit, too: hittin’ dem folks dance and sharing their stage with Roscoe Dash for “No Hands.”

Rum Punch Brunch wins Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta, Georgia

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Crime Mob kept the audience hyped during an intermission with their medley featuring “I’ll Beat Yo Azz,” “Stilettos (Pumps),” “Rock Yo Hips” and of course, “Knuck If You Buck” in the center of the pit.

To celebrate the occasion, Rum Punch Brunch decided to carry the festivities over into the Sunday installment of their much anticipated day parties.

“We’re celebrating all night and tomorrow,” DJ Jabba said. “The whole Rum Punch Brunch team is in the building, so we’re gonna celebrate.”

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