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Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 season finale “Gossip Gone, Girl.” The aftermath of Gossip Girl leaking all of her tips and sources caused her to go dark and friends turned into foes. Zoya, Julien, and Nick sought a new home. Plus the annual New Year’s Eve party revealed truths, forged new alliances as well as rivalries. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 11, when Obie’s sister, Heidi, comes to town with news of an engagement, Max makes it his personal mission to ruin her future marriage. See, he and Heidi used to fuck and both are incapable of being in love. His meddling plus her business deeds ultimately cost her the wedding as her fiance dumped her.

Zoya finds a voice in a new friend which helped Nick finally hear her. Audrey and Aki seek the thing that’s missing in their relationship. Julien is forced by her grandmother to leave NYC. Though she had a change of heart and allowed her to move in with Zoya and Nick during their stay in the Upper east side. Gossip Girl released a spreadsheet of all tips ever sent in plus who sent it causing mass chaos!

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 season finale, GG released the spreadsheet of all tips… it was modern-day Tip-gate! And all hell broke loose as everyone confronted those who sent in tips to Gossip Girl.

Errand Girl

Kate, Jordan, and Wendy discussed the radio silence from the Gossip Girl account since leaking everything. Of course, no tips are being sent in. Kate had to take on an odd side job during the holiday school break- since none of the teachers received their annual bonus from the prestigious school. Kate got a job delivering personal gifts that rich snobby people didn’t have time to do themselves and their assistants were on holiday. One of her clients was Monet’s billionaire mother, Camille De Haan.

A New Boo

Nick found a new (smaller) apartment in Queens for the family yet it was an hour away from the school. Plus Zoya and Julien had to share rooms. Now that the New Year was approaching, past traditions were to head to Aki’s father’s Hudson home and spend time together, dress up, and party with each other. Zoya was hesitant as she had plans with Shan but Julien insisted she come. When Zoya met Shan she lectured her to ditch the friend shindig and come party with her on New Year’s eve.

Luna and Monet plotting to hook Julien up with Aki on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

Luna and Monet plotting to hook Julien up with Aki on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

While Julien was clearing out her massive penthouse closet, her advisors Monet and Luna were working overtime to sell her on returning to the limelight now that Gossip Girl has gone dark. They suggested breaking up her bestie, Audrey, from Aki by stealing Aki as her own or sharing him now that his popularity has been growing. She quickly shot that terrible idea down and so they presented a viable alternative, return to Noble “O.” They’d already prepped her new Instagram page and planned her first post be her kissing Obie at midnight.

Audrey found out Max was at home and visited him. He just emerged from an intoxicated sexcapade marathon orgy. Aki accompanied and they knew about Gideon and Roy’s divorce. They came to console their friend and check to see if he was attending Hudson this year. They had a heart-to-heart talk about their friendship and possible relationship.

Julien still had a key card to Obie’s place and without warning surprised him with champagne. Turns out he had company and she was embarrassed. He’s been dating someone new and didn’t want it to be awkward attending the annual event and bringing his new girl to a place where both his exes would be.

A Quaint Cottage

Before Julien could tell Monet and Luna, they had already reconned the girl. Her name is Grace, and of course, they had a plan to get rid of her. They plotted to invite the entire school to the exclusive party which would prompt her to suggest Obie accompany her. While there, they crush the unsuspecting girl…

When they arrived at the weekend house, there was nothing quaint about it. It was a massive mansion with maid and butler staff. Obie arrived with Grace and she was happy to meet everyone, especially Julien as she was a fan of her page and cosmetics for years. It was only awkward to Jules, yet her team assured her they’ll dig up dirt on the girl. The group learned how the new couple met, a bit of travel hopping at first sight as Obie got on her jet by mistake.

Zoya went for some wine and tried to navigate the massive home and ended up locking herself outside. Shan called and informed her that she missed meeting Jericho Brown on the subway. Zoya didn’t want to be in Hudson but with her friend and sacrificed for Julien, again.

The group then played games but couldn’t find any weaknesses with Grace. Welp… until she denied drinking. Luna found deep on social media that she’s a belligerent drunk and that became their motivation later on.

While at the mansion, Luna snuck away with her annual fling, Rob, and was a bit bummed as he was moving closer to her. She desired their distance. Audrey and Aki tried to sexually advance Max yet he kick them out, not to be used for their pleasure.

Blank Check

Davis surprise visited Nick to share how grateful he was that he would take in Julien. He wrote a check and wanted to help them stay in the Upper East Side. Although Julien didn’t want Davis in her life he was obligated to care for her. Nick turned down his money, however, Davis still left the check.

Kate visited Nick afterward her day of errands and complained of her new gig. Nick vented that Davis offered to buy their current home and leave money to take care of Julien and promised not to meddle in their lives. Nick couldn’t even afford the new place he scouted in Queens. He’s considering Davis’ offer. Yet he asked Kate’s opinion, and she explained the pros and cons of taking Davis’ money.

You’re Losing Against Yourself

Later on, the gang visited a bar they had been drinking at since middle school and peer-pressured Grace to take a shot. Julien and Obie had time for a private talk while she was distracted. After another shot, Grace checked to see if the bouncer had cocaine- Monet made sure he does as they had mischievous plans to destroy the girl.

Luna considered Rob’s request to move to the city and he decided to play their song– which happened to spark fond memories of others in the gang. He played “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay. It finally got Max out of his hard shell and he danced with Audrey and Aki. Afterward, the couple mapped a matrix for dating him separately then coming together on Sundays. Max stood his ground and pleaded for them to leave him alone and let him go. He doesn’t want to be passed around as an object for their affection…

Meanwhile, Julien danced and sang with Obie. Grace got drunk and grabbed the mic for drunken karaoke. Surprisingly, Julien tried to help her from falling off the pool table. Grace whispered a secret to Jules saying, “I thought I had to compete against you but I didn’t. You’re losing to yourself!” They tried to get her down but she grew more violent and lashed her tongue at Julien. Zoya learned from Monet the true reason why Grace was there.

Let Me Go

Aki and Audrey proposal a new arrangement to Max on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

Aki and Audrey proposal a new arrangement to Max on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

The next day, Audrey and Aki proposed a new deal, they all equally date each other. If it doesn’t work out, they all break up… including Audrey and Aki.

Zoya snaps at Julien on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

Zoya snaps at Julien on Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

Grace was leaving the next morning and Zoya tried to convince her to stay. She knew it wasn’t the best move for her and left. Zoya then confronted Julien about the weekend being revolved around ridding Grace and winning Obie back rather than fun among friends. She told her to, “Be a gracious loser! Stop fighting for everything and be the bigger person and just let it go! Holding yourself accountable instead of letting Gossip Girl and the rest of the world do it could be the best thing to ever happen to you!”

Julien apologized to Obie and admitted to being the reason behind Grace leaving. Explaining she was upset he ditched her for Zoya and Grace in such a short time and they had so much history. She felt he should be with her but he wanted her to let him go!

New Found Purpose

When Kate invoiced Mrs. De Haan but the wealthy woman was appalled that she billed $15 for an hour cab ride. Kate felt the expense was justified. However, Mrs. De Haan ripped her a new one explaining from a rich snobs’ perspective of why the teachers of Constance Billard were denied their holiday bonuses. Kate, too, was reminded why she does what she does as Gossip Girl…

Kate revisited Nick to vent about the ordeal and noticed he was unpacking. He took Davis’s offer putting the girls’ well-being first. She lectured him about being for sale. He took offense to it and explained he’s doing what he has to for the greater good and until she can relate then maybe she should leave him the fuck alone!

I’m Julien Fucking Calloway!

Max explained to Audrey and Aki that he had never been in a relationship and doesn’t know how he would act in one. But if they were willing to deal with him then he’ll consider their one for all or none for none pact. They happily agreed!

Luna told Rob how she really feels and they were amicable about remaining each others’ escape.

Julien pooled Zoya and Obie together to genuinely apologize to them for her selfishness. She called Grace and explained what she had done and arranged for Obie to leave and join her. She also invited the whole town to the exclusive party. She called Shan to come to pick Zoya up. She can be her sister and not her friend- appreciative of having a sister to keep her honest. Thereafter, Julien DM’d Gossip Girl this…

Greetings Gossip Girl, you may have abandoned us but I can’t forget you and I don’t want to. You were the worse thing that ever happened to me but you also changed me. And you can’t leave yet. You’re not done. A tip though, from one influencer to another, you were too nice. You cared too much. That’s not how this is supposed to go. If you really want to get us, you have to make us worry. You have to make us squirm! You started with me so it only makes sense that you restart with me. I’m gonna send you everything you never knew about everyone I know but there’s a catch… Not all of it will be true and you’re not going to know the difference. No more kindness, it’s time for chaos! That’s the only way you change the world. You take the gloves off! This deal has one condition. While you go hard ’til there’s nothing left. I make it my mission to stop before you ruin us all. Mutually assured destruction from one bitch to another. You know I hate you, but I know you love me. XOXO you have ’til midnight.

Kate was read Julien’s DM and responded, “But I have a condition of my own.” We assume it was to get dirt on Camille (watch our exclusive video to understand why!) Julien simply replied, “Done.” Julien reasserted herself as top bitch!

I'm Julien Fucking Calloway! Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

I’m Julien Fucking Calloway! Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 12 Season Finale

As Monet came downstairs to see what Jules had undone she stated, “Julien ruins everything! Anyone could have been IT, it could’ve been me!?” She marched her dates upstairs to mastermind her next moves while they made out to keep her focused.

Thereafter, Gossip Girl emerged from silence and posted again…

Gossip Girl Season 2 Is Renewed!

Here’s when to expect Gossip Girl season 2!

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Air Date: December 2, 2021

Gossip Girl Cast

  • Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway
  • Whitney Peak as Zoya Lott
  • Tavi Gevinson as Kate Keller
  • Eli Brown as Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV
  • Zión Moreno as Luna La
  • Savannah Lee Smith as Monet de Haan
  • Thomas Doherty as Max Wolfe
  • Emily Alyn Lind as Audrey Hope
  • Evan Mock as Akeno “Aki” Menzies
  • Johnathan Fernandez as Nick Lott
  • Luke Kirby as Davis Calloway
  • Adam Chanler-Berat as Jordan Glassberg
  • Jason Gotay as Rafa Caparros
  • Megan Ferguson as Rebecca Sherman

Guest Starring

  • Amanda Warren as Camille De Haan
  • Grace Duah as Shan Barnes
  • Anna Van Patten as Grace
  • Mitchell Slaggert as Rob
  • Monet’s Dates – Charisma Glasper and Tiana Tuttle

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