Leila Batten left the St. Lawrence Market for good last summer. It took several drafts to get the sign right, to find the right words to announce she was closing her shop, Whitehouse Meats, after running it for 30 years.

“Store closing forever Sunday of Labour Day weekend,” the sign read. “Leila is retiring.”


The sign is still up at the St. Lawrence Market where Whitehouse Meats once stood, five months after owner Leila Batten closed shop after more than 30 years.

The Sunday sap


Where’s the beef? Displays sit empty at the former location of Whitehouse Meats at the St. Lawrence Market.

‘Those customers are gone’


Di Liso’s Fine Meats has picked up some of the regulars who used to frequent the now-shuttered Whitehouse at the St. Lawrence Market.

In with the new


A merchant prepares goods at the St. Lawrence Market. 

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