Home Entertainment Teen kicked out of Vancouver SZA concert disputes venue’s claims

Teen kicked out of Vancouver SZA concert disputes venue’s claims

Teen kicked out of Vancouver SZA concert disputes venue’s claims

An 18-year-old who got kicked out of the SZA concert in Vancouver on Sunday is pushing back against claims by Rogers Arena that he was removed after being repeatedly asked to stop dancing in the aisles.

Speaking with CTV News on Tuesday, Naden Forbes says he didn’t do anything wrong—adding he didn’t even start the dance party that spontaneously started before the singer took the stage.

“My sister and I got floor seats and were probably there for five minutes when there a big mosh pit of dancers, so I decided to chime in and do some of my party dance moves,” said Forbes, who traveled to the Lower Mainland from Vancouver Island for his first-ever concert experience over the weekend.

Viral video from the concert shows the moment three security guards interrupt Forbes’ routine to remove him from the scene.

In a statement Monday, a spokesperson for Rogers Arena said it’s essential that aisles of the venue are clear during events for accessibility and safety reasons.

“Unfortunately, when fans do not comply after being asked multiple times, they are asked to leave the building.”

But Forbes says he wasn’t told by anyone—let alone a security guard—that he was breaking any rules.

“They didn’t ask me to stop dancing, nothing. It just all happened so fast,” Forbes said. “Both my hands were behind my back as if I was getting handcuffs—it was pretty intense.”

He says the security guards who first escorted him and his sister out of the arena weren’t able to provide an answer as to why the siblings had to leave.

“Straight up this is what the security guard said: ‘Yeah our manager just told us to kick you out,” Forbes told CTV News.

Unsatisfied with that explanation, Forbes said he and his sister decided to go back inside, only to be found by security and escorted out again.

“It felt so surreal, it didn’t even feel like it was happening,” he explained, adding that he asked security for a second time to explain why he couldn’t stay for the show. “Unfortunately, I never got an answer.”

Once again, the siblings decided to go back into Rogers Arena—but did not return to their assigned seats.

“You bet your money we went back into that concert because it’s SZA. Are you kidding me?” Forbes said in a video posted to TikTok Monday which has since racked up tens of thousands of views.

He says he would apologize if he knew what he had done wrong, adding that he’s been overwhelmed by the outpouring of public support he’s received since video of the incident went viral.

“I did have a really good time and enjoyed the concert,” said Forbes. “Besides that one little incident that happened twice.”

CTV News has reached out to Rogers Arena for more clarity surrounding their statement that Forbes failed to comply with security’s requests. This story will be updated if a response is received.

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