As a food writer with a passion for travel, before I even have my hotel booked for a trip, I already have a handful of restaurant reservations booked. To say that I’m the type of person who travels to eat would be an understatement, and each year as the holidays roll around, I yearn for culinary-centric gifts that remind me of my travels, or encourage me to keep exploring the vast (and exciting) world of food. 

Just like travel, food is a means of connection and if you’re looking for a gift for that foodie in your life, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent the past few weeks curating the best gifts for the fellow food lovers in my life, and let this be your one-stop shop for buying that special present for that special someone with an affinity for cuisine. This list is expansive, and includes both trendy food gifts as well as items that will really show that you care — trust me, I’ve tried (or will be buying) nearly everything on this list and once you see what’s on it, you might even want to keep them for yourself. And as a cherry on top, many of these items are on sale ahead of the holiday season with prices starting at just $11. 

Best Food Delivery Gifts


I personally think the best gifts are the most delicious ones, and fortunately with the rise of delivery-based food services, they’re more accessible too. Bring the soup dumpling experience at home with the all-inclusive Mìlà Experience that has everything you need (including a steamer basket) for next-level dumplings at-home. Or, if you’re looking to gift something that’ll feed the curiosity of any foodie on your list, try the Umami Cart Seasonal Fruit Subscription Box — a monthly Asian produce box that has introduced me to tons of incredible, in-season fruits that, as someone living in the Northeast, I wouldn’t typically get to experience. If you have a loved one on your list who is forever reminiscing about their vacation in France, why not gift them this Madeleine baking kit by the iconic James Beard Award-winning French chef Daniel Boulud? 

Living in New York City, whenever I come home to North Carolina, my mom would beg me to sneak some Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding on the plane, which would result in me rushing to the store before my flight, and traveling five-plus hours with lukewarm pudding. Fortunately, the iconic bakery now has the Pudding Lovers Pack to save me a trip (and hassle of traveling with pudding on a plane). But the best food delivery gifts don’t stop there. Dreaming of that fresh seafood but you’re landlocked? No problem. Fulton Fish Market is one of the country’s most cherished fish markets — I mean it’s so beloved that at this point, it’s a landmark. So why not spoil the seafood lover on your list with a stunning box of their Finest Hits Bundle

Best Drink Gifts


Whether it’s experiencing a new city’s signature drink or sipping on regional coffee, I love a good drink. And coming from a family who always try to grab a bag of coffee beans from all of the new destinations that we visit, great beans deserve a great espresso maker — and in terms of stellar machines, the Breville Aboriginal Barista Pro is unmatched. While it’s a splurge-worthy gift, this stunning espresso machine doubles as an art piece with its eye-catching designs by Aboriginal artists. Even better, 100 percent of the profits go back to Indigenous Australians. 

If you’re looking for a gift that screams très chic, the Rocco Smart Fridge is the two-in-one fridge-bar combination that the aspiring bartender in your life will gush over, especially while it’s discounted. However, a great fridge comes with the great responsibility of filling it up with equally fabulous beverages. Consider purchasing the Oodaalolly x Narra Holiday Gift Set (which is on sale for $33), a Filipino-owned roasted oolong milk tea or the ever-festive Avaline The Holiday Collection. And because the surface of the fridge doubles as a bar, the Via Carota White Negroni, (a New York City-must), would look stunning on top.

Best Gifts for Entertaining 

Fly by Jing

I love taking cooking classes in new destinations and inviting friends over to share the recipes and techniques I’ve learned throughout my journeys. And what better way to ignite the culinary aspirations of the traveling foodies in your life than giving them gifts to match? Consider the Hedley & Bennett Dinner Party Bundle, a set that comes with a high-quality apron, oven mitts, chef’s towel, and pot holders and makes the most adorable gift. And as a bonus, by giving this bundle, you might even get invited to a dinner party as a thank you.

Or if you’re reminiscing about hot pot in China, fortunately you can bring the experience at home with the Fly by Jing Hot Pot Starter Set. And if you’re looking to embrace Tapas culture after visiting Spain, you need the Fishwife Serving Set that comes with three high-quality tinned fish of your choice and a stunning serving board and utensils. But don’t stop there, get into the entire experience and fill an entire board with delicacies like charcuteries from Mercado Famous Jamon Serrania or Rancho Meladuco Organic Medjool Dates, California-based dates that, quite literally, have changed my life for the better.

And as a native Florida girl with a green thumb, I miss the humidity and a lot of the gardening potential that’s lost living in the Northeast. And whenever I travel (especially in humid regions), I was always jealous of all of the planting power, that is until I tried the Lettuce Grow The Farmstand Nook that allows me to plant and grow produce no matter the season, climate, and location all in my own kitchen (and pick up seeds in the new spots to grow at home) — and show off my produce to friends and family. 

Best Cookbook Gifts


One of my favorite ways to play around with global flavors at home is through cookbooks. They are a magical way to connect with other cultures and learn more about global cuisine — and my 50-plus cookbook collection (and counting) is a testament to just that. You can never go wrong with a classic like the “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking: 30th Anniversary Edition” by Marcella Hazan, or exploring the sweetness that is Abi Balingit’s “Mayumu Filipino American Desserts Remixed” (a classic in the making). 

Best Pantry Superstar Gifts

Pika Pika

Over the years, my pantry has evolved into my own version of a postcard, collecting interesting (and regional) sauces, snacks, and seasonings along the way. From global-inspired seasonings like the Burlap & Barrel 3-Pack Spice Gift Set to spreads like the Pika Pika Pantry Darlings Set that taste just as great on toast as they do in cocktails, pantry products make for excellent gifts (and stocking stuffers). Or, give the Brightland Mini Art Series, an Oprah-approved, California-based olive oil brand for a thoughtful and tasteful present. And of course, no pantry roundup would be complete without a mention of pasta, and for that, we recommend the Italian-produced Giadzy Pasta Duo Box

Best Wearable and Decorative Food Gifts

Lisa Say Gah 

Not all great food gifts have to be necessarily edible or a vessel in which to eat. As someone who has made food their personality, I also want it to blend into my decor andnd the Strawberry Fields Vase is the perfect gift for those on your list with an affinity for the farmer’s market and all things fruit. Fill it with kitchen utensils, flowers, or anything else that your heart desires. The Lisa Says Gah x Deco Miami Nail Art Stickers are also incredibly cute, and would make a stellar stocking stuffer for anyone with an affinity for food and fashion. Speaking of fashion, food-printed garments are incredibly trendy, and also make excellent gifts. The For Love & Lemons Xena Midi Dress cherry-printed dress will make any fruit-lover on your list gush, just as the Kate Spade Happy Hour Sandals are incredibly adorable statement heels and are 30 percent off today. 

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