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Top 23 Lifestyle stories for 2023 | Lifestyle

Top 23 Lifestyle stories for 2023 | Lifestyle

If there were a word for 2023, it would be DREAM. Whether it was dream homes or dream weddings, the top lifestyle stories of 2023 were heavy on love, longing and achieving one’s heart’s desire. Here are your top 23 stories of 2023.

23. Noted music producer Shane Brown builds house of dreams

22. Norbrook Estate home boasts hand-crafted details, unparalleled views

21. Vanassa and Khamar’s master class in love

20. Direct message brings Troy-Ann and Cory together

19. Love story blossoms for Corazan and Ruel after couple shares steamy dance at dry cleaners

18. On the ‘Edghill’ of romance, love blooms for Darren and Mouricia

17. Philipp and Tanisa unite in fairy-tale wedding

16. To have and hold: Jason finds the ‘key’ to Bianca’s heart

15. Former airline manager creates magnificent Ja landing

14. Shawn and Davia find love as college mates

13. Alpha changed my life: Kempton Lewis finds security after life on the streets

12. Widowed father Kevin Powell finds solace in family, fitness

11. Uncommon doc shows unconventional Westmoreland home

10. Kimberly and Rayon said Ok Cupid and tied the knot

9. She’s ‘Fitz To Be Burke’

8. Love blooms for Nicholas and Isheka after coincidental boat ride encounter

7. Kareen and Pete construct the ideals of love

6. From Campion to life companions – Nicholi and Latara go from high school crush to married bliss

5. From Happy Grove High to happily ever after as Mr and Mrs Manning

4. Daneilia found the ‘whey’ to Duvaughn’s heart

3. Krystal-Gail and Curtis ‘Marsh’ to holy matrimony

2. Setting up ‘camp’ in lasting love – Janelle and Matthew say ‘I do’

1. Chantal and Richard tie the knot after first in-person meeting

People often say they know instantly when they’ve found the one. This was the case for Chantal Cogle and Richard Bell. Chantal was introduced to her beloved, Richard, through her pastor. The two entered a long-distance relationship and went on to make things official a few months after only corresponding over the phone, later ringing wedding ‘Bells’ almost two years later. “My husband and I met through my pastor, who is his cousin. She (the pastor) hooked us up via the phone, because he was living in Cayman and I was in Jamaica,” Chantal told Island Wedding.

The story of a match made in heaven earned the top spot in The Gleaner’s Lifestyle section for 2023, with the trans-Caribbean love affair striking a cord in the newly post-pandemic world.


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