Transgender Day of Visibility is a celebration of the courage and resilience of transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-confirming persons who exist in every country and culture around the world. On this day, the United States recognizes the achievements and progress that trans persons have made in the global struggle for equality and re-affirms its commitment to supporting the equality, inclusion, and full recognition of the human rights of transgender persons.

In many parts of the world, trans persons face violence, suppression, and infringements on their human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly, as society treats trans persons with stigma, discrimination, and violence. Transgender persons deserve to live authentically, safely, and with dignity. They deserve documentation that reflects who they are, healthcare that is responsive to their needs, and the right to live full lives of opportunity.

It is clear that there is still much work to do. We urge our partners around the globe to work with the United States in fighting for a world in which transgender persons are free to live safely and openly as themselves.

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