Home Technology Unprecedented 7 New Colors Coming, Leak Says

Unprecedented 7 New Colors Coming, Leak Says

Unprecedented 7 New Colors Coming, Leak Says

The next iPhone could be available in a record number of colors, a new report suggests. This predicted wider range keeps all five colors in the current iPhone 15 range and adds two more for good measure.

The report comes from a Weibo user called Fixed Focus digital and was spotted by MacRumors. It claims that the iPhone 16 Plus will come in seven colors.

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Yes, you spotted it, the report only refers to the larger iPhone, not the regular iPhone 16. However, there has literally never been a time when Apple has reserved a color for only one size of iPhone, so I think it’s pretty certain that the report, if correct, will apply to the smaller iPhone 16, too.

Apple has always kept the color ranges distinct between the iPhone and the iPhone Pro, for instance, but never within two sizes of the same model. More likely, the report comes from someone who has only seen information about one size of device and is restricting their comments to what they’ve actually been able to confirm.

The leaker has something of a track record, including claiming that the foldable iPhone may be paused at the moment—but we’re likely to find out if this report is correct first.

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The current color line-up is yellow, blue, green, black, and pink. Three of these, yellow, blue and green, are very pale shades, almost white in some lights, but the pink is eye-catchingly bright.

The prediction is that Apple will keep all these colors in the range for this fall, but add two more. I’d caveat that even when Apple carries colors over between iPhone generations, it almost always revises the colors slightly, so it’s possible that these shades could continue but would look different.

Then there are the two new colors, which the leaker says will be white and purple. Assuming Apple uses the same matte finish as for the iPhone 15, with color-infused glass rather than glass with colors on top, both these colors could look good. I’d expect the white to be bright and the purple to be muted.

This way of creating colors in rear glass has been predicted to come to the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Plus this year, in a rare example of the Pro inheriting something from the regular iPhone rather than the other way around.

We’re likely to see more leaks about the new iPhones’ designs, so please check back.

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