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Venga la Alegría host arrives and claims Gossip No Like | INSTAGRAM

It is well known that drivers of Gossip No Like, Javier Ceriani and Elisa beristain, they always report things as they are, without fear of what the people involved will say and of course they have sometimes talked about workers from Aztec TV, who have now become his companions and of course “Come Joy” who he is have also been his target on several occasions.

It is for this reason that in one of the most recent programs, a popular host of “Venga la Alegría”, William Valdes he was passing right behind the live broadcast of Gossip No Like, when the host decided to invite him and visit them, so I can’t miss the opportunity to make a few comments in front of them.

He quickly welcomed them to the company as a good co-worker and also to Mexico, as it should be remembered that it is originally from Cuba and therefore grateful for the opportunities they have given him in the country.

While Javier and Elisa were doing a special broadcast talking about the topic of Carmen Salinas placeholder image, the driver’s visit was something unexpected, so you could even see a bit of nervousness in Javier, who quickly settled in to receive it but it felt a bit different than normal.

It is known that William and Javier have a rivalry that has arisen thanks to some information that has been shared in the show program and therefore Elisa decided to invite them to reconcile.

Of course, the gossip host took the opportunity to ask the guest to clarify the doubts and express to reality about his dismissal from Univisión, something that has been confirmed for some time.

Of course William was upset but he assures that this is the only truth that Javier has made about him, clarifying that the rest are pure inventions or misunderstandings that arise on the Internet.

“You’ve talked a lot about me and you’ve talked a lot of lies about me,” William told the CNL host.

Of course, now being colleagues they will have to get used to seeing each other in the corridors and being professionals, hopefully they have been able to fix their differences in that moment of tension and nervousness that was experienced in full broadcast of Gossip No Like, we leave you the video complete and you can see the situation that starts from minute number 14:45.

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