VTL (Land) for Travel to Malaysia


This page contains the following brief summary information for using the VTL (Land) to travel to Malaysia:

  1. Process of VTL (Land) Departure to Malaysia
  2. Returning to Singapore

If you are intending to travel to Singapore using VTL (Land), read this page instead.

Process of VTL (Land) Departure to Malaysia

Travelers may refer to this infographic for an overview of the process to depart for Malaysia via VTL (Land). For specific information or details concerning the entry requirements to Malaysia, travellers should check with the relevant authorities of Malaysia. Travellers are also strongly advised to read the “Departing from Singapore” page for the latest travel advisories including how to obtain pre-departure tests in Singapore and digital test and vaccination certificates for overseas use.

Returning to Singapore

Travellers from Singapore who have left for Malaysia via VTL (Land) may also return via VTL (Land) or VTL (Air) arrangements if they wish to enjoy quarantine-free travel. Travellers will need to fulfil all relevant inbound VTL criteria depending on whether they are arriving by land or air.

Travellers can also check the Travelling to Singapore page if they want to use other non-VTL SafeTravel Lanes to return to Singapore, but prevailing measures such as Stay Home Notice may apply.

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