Jeans styles are always resurgent. From ultra-low-rise pairs regaining popularity, to baggy mom jeans becoming the new favourite, and bootlegs having a moment, too. Now there’s a new trend on the roster, and she’s straight from the ’90s. 

The wide cuff is back with her bold ability to make or break a look. Let’s dive into the resurgence of this ’90s fashion trend to determine whether its worth adding to the styling bank, or not…

The wide cuff, characterised by its wide, folded hem that extends beyond the ankle, first gained popularity in the ’90’s.

Initially, it was a practical style that drew attention to the ankles. Stylish socks and shoes paired with a pair of wide-cuffed pants created a statement of its own, adding a touch of personality to a look.

Like clockwork, the ’90s always find a way to sneak back into seasonal fashion. Designers are embracing this vintage-inspired wide cuff trend again.

Runway shows and fashion girlies are sporting exaggerated folds on wide-leg trousers, and neatly rolled hems on cropped pants. The versatility of this look blinks between relaxed streetwear to polished office attire, making it a go-to for those who appreciate both comfort and style.

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Rules to styling a wide cuff

Before riffing on the wide cuff, there are a few important styling rules you should know:

Proportion is key

The size of your pants cuff should complement your body type and the silhouette of your pants.

For instance, if you’re petite, opt for a smaller but noticeable cuff to avoid overwhelming your frame. On the other hand, if you’re taller or have a fuller figure, you can experiment with wider and higher cuffs to balance out proportions.

Mind your shoes

The choice of footwear can significantly influence how the cuff looks.

When wearing large cuffs, consider showing off statement shoes like loafers, ankle boots, sleek sneakers or even a pointed kitten heel. Ensure the cuff sits just above the shoe to create a clean and intentional break, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outfit.

Keep it cohesive

Whether you’re going for a casual or formal look, coherence in your outfit is essential.

Pair wide cuffs with tops that complement the relaxed or tailored vibe of the pants. Tucking in shirts or opting for cropped jackets can help maintain a streamlined appearance that draws attention to the cuff without overwhelming the ensemble.

With these fashion rules as your guide, you’ll be ready to rock this classic yet contemporary wide cuff trend.


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