Home Sports What’s next for Tiger Woods? Four golf apparel options to consider following Nike split after 27 years

What’s next for Tiger Woods? Four golf apparel options to consider following Nike split after 27 years

What’s next for Tiger Woods? Four golf apparel options to consider following Nike split after 27 years

Tiger Woods and Nike indicated Monday that their 27-year partnership has come to an end. The split was expected but nevertheless jarring. Fans were quick to share their favorite Tiger-Nike commercials on social media shortly as Woods promised there would be another chapter coming — and that he would see everyone in Los Angeles (presumably for the Genesis Invitational in February).

The big question now is not when we will see Woods again but what he will be wearing when we do.

There are options. Tons of them, I’m sure. Two have risen to the top as the leading candidates for what Woods will sport at Riviera Country Club in February and throughout the rest of 2024, while two others are wild cards. Let’s dive into Tiger’s options as we await what will likely be one of the most lucrative apparel deals in sports.

Deeper partnership with TaylorMade

Woods in 2017 agreed to start using TaylorMade clubs once Nike Golf got out of the equipment industry. (He still played a Bridgestone golf ball with a Scotty Cameron putter and Nike apparel.) That partnership could deepen with Tiger either wearing TaylorMade gear or designing his own personal line of products. While this makes sense, it would require TaylorMade to jump into the apparel industry in a way that it has not since being being sold to a private equity firm by Adidas several years ago.

While there has been a recent trend of players signing with smaller companies in exchange for equity, Woods is the rare athlete who could feasibly demand such out of a large company like TaylorMade, which creates an interesting option. A TaylorMade-produced line of Tiger apparel would invariably crush in the retail market. Because the current options for TaylorMade are so light, the apparel direction could largely be defined and controlled by Woods, an interesting twist.

Following his son (and others) to Greyson

Greyson, which apparently signed Tiger’s son, Charlie, as a brand ambassador, is another interesting option. Greyson is perhaps a bit edgy for Woods — is the Big Cat going to show up at Augusta National in joggers? — but he has additional ties there as close friend Justin Thomas is an equity partner. Greyson is the type of company where Woods could demand any type of stake when it comes to equity, but it’s also a company that already has a unique feel and a direction that doesn’t include Tiger. Comparatively, if he was to launch his own line at TaylorMade, he could almost certainly assume more creative control.

Moving upward with FootJoy

This is a less likely option, sure, but Woods has famously been wearing their shoes in lieu of his regular Nikes since his car accident in 2021. It’s difficult to envision Tiger rocking FJ on his shirt and hat, but it was also difficult to envision Tiger tossing aside his Nikes for FootJoys the past few years. That would have been an inconceivable reality … but it happened.

Go at it on his own

Undoubtedly the most ambitious choice. If he desired, Woods could start his own apparel company from the ground up and have more equity and control than he would elsewhere. There would be no shortage of investors seeking to work alongside Woods, nor would there be difficulty in finding production given his deep ties. This is far more unlikely as it’s a massive undertaking, and Woods is already involved in so many different ventures, not the least of which is attempting to play several times on the PGA Tour and at major championships in 2024.

Ultimately, based on what sources with industry knowledge have told CBS Sports, TaylorMade seems like the most logical landing spot for Woods. Whether he shows up at the Genesis Invitational with a “TM” or a “TW” on his chest remains to be seen, but it would be surprising if he appears in February without having furthered his relationship with the company who has been making his clubs for the last six years.

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