The boundaries of the credentials-only area for the July 15-18 Republican National Convention in downtown Milwaukee were announced Friday.

Here’s what to know about the security measures that will be in place during the convention:

Where is the inner perimeter, or ‘hard zone’ of the 2024 Republican National Convention?

The “hard zone,” or the area that’s controlled by the Secret Service with credentials required to enter, will encompass Fiserv Forum, the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and the Baird Center, the main spaces where the convention will take place.

The irregularly shaped area, also referred to as the “pedestrian restricted perimeter,” stretches from West McKinley Avenue on the north to just past West Wisconsin Avenue to the south. The area encompasses Pere Marquette Park on the east side and stretches past North Lovell Street on the west.

Restrictions for this area will begin at 6 p.m. July 14.

Where will the ‘vehicle screening perimeter’ be located for the RNC in downtown Milwaukee?

A “vehicle screening perimeter” will surround the hard zone.

The area stretches roughly from West Cherry Street on the north to Clybourn Street on the south and from North Ninth Street on the west to the east side of the Milwaukee River.

Restrictions will begin at 2 a.m. July 15.

Credentials won’t be required to enter the security footprint that surrounds the hard perimeter.


Republican National Convention sets safety perimeters, protest zones

The Secret Service and the City of Milwaukee discuss the security measures and protest zones that will be in place during the 2024 Republican National Convention.

Secret Service

Who is allowed in the ‘vehicle screening’ and ‘hard zone’ perimeters?

The vehicle screening perimeter is open to all pedestrians with no credentials or screening required to enter. 

Vehicles trying to drive in the perimeter are allowed to enter but have to go through one of five vehicle checkpoints. Not all areas in the perimeter are available from each checkpoint, so the Secret Service recommends going through the checkpoint closest to the destination.  

Bicycles can enter the vehicle screening perimeter, and rideshare, taxi and food delivery services will be allowed through a checkpoint. 

For the “hard security zone,” or “pedestrian restriction” area that encompasses the main sites of the convention, only credentialed and ticketed individuals are allowed to enter. Anyone entering the inner perimeter must go through a pedestrian screening.

Personal vehicles, golf carts and bicycles won’t be allowed in the hard security zone. Businesses in the restricted area won’t be accessible to the public and instead will be available only to convention attendees and volunteers.

What else is inside the pedestrian-restricted perimeter besides Fiserv Forum, UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and the Baird Center?

The pedestrian-restricted perimeter will include the Trade Hotel, some businesses’ and organizations’ locations and a private residence, Five Fifty Ultra Lofts apartments at 550 W. Juneau Ave.

The hotel will be accessible to guests.

Residents in the Five Fifty building will be able to access their homes through a pedestrian gate at Sixth Street and McKinley Street. Residents will have to present identification and have their names confirmed on a list from building management. 

Residents in the vehicle security perimeter will be able to access their homes as usual. If they’re driving a personal vehicle, they’ll have to enter through one of the vehicle checkpoints.

More information for those affected is available at

What are the restrictions for the Milwaukee River?

From July 14-19, no commercial or recreational boats will be allowed on the Milwaukee River from Cherry Street to Michigan Street, and road bridges in this area will remain down during the convention.

Owners don’t have to go through pedestrian screening to access private vessels docked on the river.

Private vessels in the maritime security zone may leave and return on the river as long as their boats don’t require the bridges to be raised. Before departure and re-entry, owners must contact the U.S. Coast Guard to request an escort.

Vessels returning to the maritime security zone to be docked will be subject to screening.

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